NSBefore an important event, a first date, an interview, after a stormy party, it is almost impossible to visit a salon for every occasion of life, and even after a sleepless night, it is not always possible to force yourself to reach a beautician.

However, proven masks can come to the rescue at any time, instantly restoring tired, dull and dehydrated skin.

Mask with ceramides for intense hydration, The Oozoo

The feature of The Oozoo masks is dispenser“Syringe” with a two-phase ampoule, which stores the active ingredients, which are mixed with the main composition of the fabric mask. The complex of moisturizing ingredients literally makes the skin glow, nourishing it and creating an invisible film. A similar mask with ceramides easily replaces a cosmetic procedure, for example, before an unexpected important meeting.

From 704 rub.

A special awakening mask against signs of fatigue, The Special Mask, Evidens de Beaute

For those who need to cheer up – instant cooling mask awakens tired skin. The Special Mask absorbs impurities and lifts, tones and smoothes. The cooling complex eliminates puffiness, improves complexion, relieves redness in a few minutes – tested!

From 13 736 rub.

Sparkling face mask Oribe Luminous Face Mask Gold Envy, Oribe

The main ingredients of the golden mask: a complex of oils of edelweiss flowers, which is responsible for deep hydration, peptides, thanks to which the particles of gold contained in the composition instantly give the skin a radiance and healthy shine, as well as finger lime extract, which provides soft exfoliating action. The gold mask cannot be left overnight, but it is ideal if you need to restore dull and dry skin in 10 minutes. We guarantee: after the Gold Envy mask, you won’t even want to apply tone.

From 8010 rub.

Cream mask with black rose Black Rose Cream Mask, Sisley

Everyone knows this mask. Miracle salvation, cream mask with black rose restores skin and removes signs of fatigue from the face. Extracts of leaves of red grape, black rose, physalis, olive and oils shea tone and smooth, soothe and soften the skin. Life hack: if you drank several glasses of wine at dinner, apply the mask in a thick layer at night to avoid dehydration and tight skin in the morning.

From 8565 rub.


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