OBeautyHack founder Ekaterina Domankova shares her morning beauty ritual: what facial procedures she does in the morning to look fresh throughout the day. We warn you: the video charges you with positive for the whole day and motivates you not to miss water procedures!

Stage 1: cleansing

To begin with, Katya cleanses her face with a step-by-step Sensai treatment. For herself, she chose a cleansing gel and facial wash from the Silky Purifying series. After washing, the skin is soft, velvety and completely ready for pre-make-up.

Stage 2: face massage

Ekaterina has a small beauty refrigerator in the bathroom, in which she stores thermal water. Cold drops awaken the skin. After that, she does a massage with a rose quartz roller, which is also chilled. The massage takes a couple of minutes.

Stage 3: yhumidification

Already on cleansed skin, Ekaterina applies Parsley Seed, Aesop lotion with parsley seeds. A few drops are enough to wipe the face and pay attention to the neck. The product is rich in antioxidants and has a pleasant herbal smell. The lotion perfectly refreshes the skin and gives it a light glow.

After that, Ekaterina proceeds to apply the Rejuvenating Serum, Tata Harper. It is suitable for any type of skin, it is very important, because the skin behaves differently at different times of the year. The serum fits well and does not roll on the skin.

Stage 4: moisturizing the skin around the eyes

Then Ekaterina uses the eye cream of the same brand Tata Harper. One pea is enough to completely cover the eye area. The brand belongs to the category of clean beauty, Ekaterina tries to use the most natural remedies so that the skin “absorbs” only what is useful.

Stage 5: protecting the skin from UV rays

Do not forget about the tool with UV filters, Ekaterina uses Perfect Sunscreen SPF 50+, 3Lab. This cream is not suitable for those who have problems with pigmentation, because it does not completely block all the rays, so Ekaterina uses it on those days when she spends a lot of time in the office or room. At sea or on long walks, she prefers creams with a wider spectrum of protection containing zinc. They whiten the skin a little, but are not very suitable for applying makeup. The version from 3Lab is just a good base for makeup.

Stage 6: skin glow effect

To make the skin glow, Ekaterina also advises to use the base Glowing Base, Sensai over the cream. The product has a light bronze shade, thanks to which the skin will become radiant, beautiful and completely ready to apply makeup.

Stage 7: lip care

Ekaterina also does not forget about the skin of her lips; she applies a balm from Biologique Recherche to it. As a rule, she does not use lipstick, but drives in pigment from a pencil, so it is an important condition in preparing for lip makeup that they are moisturized.

Recorded by Sofia Vorobyova.


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