Otons of sloppy beams to perfect shooters in the style of Brigitte Bardot! Save photos for your wedding stylists and makeup artists.

Deliberately careless styling

Thanks to Meghan Markle, who proved a year ago that a wedding hairstyle doesn’t have to be perfectly neat. Megan had a simple bunch (photo – by link), which in combination with the diamond royal tiara looked very dignified! This trend was picked up by hair stylists and at the shows of wedding collections in 2019, they made the models careless low buns (as if they were hastily twisted right before going to the catwalk), gathered the hair at the back of the head, releasing a couple of strands at the face, or generally limited themselves to a comb and a minimalist headband.

By the way, stylist Megan Serge Norman called this wedding hairstyle a “messy bun” and added that “it’s a controlled messy bun that definitely won’t turn into a disaster after a couple of hours.”

Pink shades in makeup

From burgundy lipsticks to berry tints and pink blush and shadows on the cheekbones and eyelids – these are the trends of wedding makeup 2019. Idea for daredevils: apply blush on the cheeks and cheekbones so that they smoothly transition to the eyelid area. Or, on the contrary, to do the most delicate classic makeup, highlighting the lips, cheekbones and expressive eyebrows.

Contrasting image

Having a short haircut or dyeing it blonde on the eve of a celebration is not a good idea. Firstly, there is a chance to become the heroine of the meme “expectation-reality”, and secondly, you need time to get used to a new image and feel harmonious in it. But there is another option to surprise guests: do a contrasting hairstyle! If you are used to walking with loose curly hair, tie it into a sleek low ponytail with a center parting. And vice versa: ask the master to add volume to straight hair!

Glowing skin

Mattifying foundation? Not this time! Runway makeup artists suggest making wedding makeup as radiant as possible, almost cosmic. After all, when else can you literally shine with happiness, if not at your own wedding ?! Best foundations with a shimmery finish BeautyHack editors tested on link, and swatch highlighters did here…

Hair accessories

This is the main hair trend of 2019! And not only in the wedding industry. The only difference is that if in ordinary life you are unlikely to allow yourself chains and flowers in your hair, then at the wedding ceremony everything is possible: from massive pearl hoops to tiaras!

Brown shades of eyeshadow

Matte or with a metallic finish – in both cases, it is impossible to overdo it. Consider brown smoky eyes – this makeup always looks a little more elegant than traditional, but at the same time uncommon.


Long or, conversely, short bangs are good for a wedding for two reasons: they instantly refresh the image and, if necessary, help hide skin imperfections. At the same time, hair can be gathered in a low ponytail or loosened by wearing a minimalist headband or securing a ribbon.


Wide, like those of Brigitte Bardot, or thin, drawn in white pencil, are the most relevant options that hit the wedding trends of 2019!

Photo: brides.com


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