I must say that I have never done anything radical with my hair – as a teenager I did not dare either on red dreadlocks like those of Yulia Chicherina and Linda, or on an ultra-short haircut, or on a banal transformation into a blonde: then sexist jokes were just popular and I was dead to death was afraid of accompanying associations. After the statement in the “Obvious” section that I did take my appearance, two months later, at twenty-eight, I really wanted curls like Carrie Bradshaw’s – I don’t even know why, I definitely didn’t like Carrie … From time to time I used a styler and loved curls – so I decided to curl.

My master from “Hairdressing salon number 3” tried to dissuade me as best she could, women from all over the salon bumped into me and said that no one ever does a perm. They frightened that there would be a clown’s head, tow and hair would then have to be almost shaved off. The hair really had to be cut off later, but it was rather in their natural subtlety and merciless lightening, which I came up with the day before.

I do not regret anything. Chemistry was on my hair for four months – from tiny curls in the style of the bassist of the band “Lyceum” Isolde to neat beach waves, the latter was not fashionable then. Everything could be even better and longer if I did something with my hair other than lamination and applying conditioner after washing: I know that there are a million oils and serums, but I started using them quite recently – then it was lazy and I just did not have time. I have such a character that I get tired of the constant care in the salon, which is necessary for curled hair, and I try to find ways to sabotage the extra activity as soon as possible.

God, what a haircut I had, dear mom! They let me go ahead on the street and gave way, returned the tip and spoke in gentle voices wherever they used to be rude. Every exit to the city was accompanied by bombing adventures and a bucket of endorphins. Once I washed my dogs, tied bows for them, styled them, dressed up and put on makeup – it was in the spring, and I will remember this walk forever. Strangers talked to me, they smiled at me, I was Beyoncé and Marilyn Monroe at the same time – a fantastic feeling. Now, with dark brown hair, I’m rather invisible, even if I’m wearing a bright one. I adored curls, with them there was no hassle of styling – I just changed the parting and occasionally collected them in a bun on the top of my head. I would never give up chemistry if it was harmless, but after two treatments my flaccid hair said “hello?” and turned into dry wires sticking out in all directions. Without regret, I cut off the most uninspiring.

Chemistry is demonized, but in vain: on unpainted hair, it behaves differently and in a completely different way affects thick and very strong hair, which I never had. I am terribly excited about this adventure. Compared to the disastrous Cindy Lauper haircut in a fashion salon that took me two years to grow and brought me to tears, curling was a holiday – like eating cake, riding carousels, or drinking champagne at nine in the morning. My opinion is that this must be done with yourself from time to time in order to feel alive.

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