VThere is not enough belt for your hairstyle, but you are tired of daily styling? If you want to freshen up the look, hairstyles for a quick hand will help you, which every girl will easily repeat.

BeautyHack has selected quick and easy hairstyles for different hair lengths.

Short hair

Malvinka. If you wear a bob or bob haircut, then you can diversify the styling by pinning your hair back. To do this, separate the top strands and comb them. Then place a special small roller or Velcro rollers under them to fix the volume. Tie back the combed hair into a ponytail, picking up the side strands. Gently lift the hair at the crown with a fine comb and secure with hairspray.

Hairstyle with a tourniquet perfect for owners of short strands. To create such a simple and quick hairstyle, you only need invisible ones. For a more effective look, you can additionally twist the lower part of the hair.

Wrap a lock of hair near your face or bangs in a tourniquet and secure it with invisible hairpins or beautiful hairpins (you will find more fashionable hairstyles with hairpins here).

Low tail will look especially impressive on short, straight hair – before creating a hairstyle, you can additionally lay the strands with gel. You can also secure your hair with a nice hair clip or a small black ribbon.

Medium length hair

The tail is in a knot. Hair just below the shoulders will look beautiful when pulled together. A low ponytail, for example, can be diversified in this way: part your hair in a straight part and apply a little styling mousse on it. After that, shift the hair to one side and divide it into two strands – tie them together in a knot several times. Secure your hair with an inconspicuous elastic right under the resulting elegant knot.

Low beam. A quick hairstyle like this in an elegant bun is perfect for an office look or a date.

Pull your hair into a low ponytail and loosen the elastic slightly. Now separate the strands a little over the elastic at the base of the tail and pull the entire tail through the resulting hole. Twist the hair from below, roll it into a shell and secure it with invisible hairpins or hairpins.

Malvinka with a pigtail. Before you do this hairstyle, you can wind the curls a little. Now separate the strands on the sides and twist each into a bundle, then fasten them with an elastic band at the back of the head. Braid the rest of your hair (see the best celebrity hairstyles from the Cannes here).

Shell. If you are tired of bunches and tails, replace them with a hairstyle that is suitable for both a casual look and an evening one.

To complete this hairstyle, you will need: hairspray, invisibility and a few minutes to practice. Before creating a hairstyle, beat the hair with your fingers and fix the resulting volume with varnish. Now gather the strands together and wrap them inward so that you get a shell bunch. And to add a touch of elegance to your hairstyle, release a few strands around your face for a slightly casual look.

Long hair

French waterfall. How to style long hair quickly and beautifully? Braid a French waterfall in the easiest way. Separate small strands on each side and braid each in a pigtail – you can twist your hair into a bundle. Then put the braids one on top of the other at the back of the head and secure them with invisible ones.

Twisted tail – an unusual and beautiful option for a summer walk. To create this hairstyle, tie your hair into a ponytail at the back of your head and secure it with an elastic band, and then divide the curls into two parts and twist them together in a spiral. Comb the hair from below and secure with an invisible elastic band.

Unusual braid. Not everyone has knowledge of different braiding techniques, but if you know how to braid a regular braid, then you can experiment with it.

Transfer the entire mass of hair to one side and divide it into three sections – braid each section. Then combine the resulting three braids into one – you will get an unusual and voluminous hairstyle.

Text: Diana Snetkova


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