TOHow to apply fixatives and primers and what means to prolong the life of eye makeup? Visagiste Irina Skutova – about your favorite make up tricks in the heat.

Use makeup fixers or mattifying primers

The most proven method! They simultaneously increase the durability of the make-up and refresh it throughout the day. For convenience, I love Make Up For Ever (Mist & Fix) and Urban Decay (All Nighter) sprays. It is important that the fixatives do not create another layer on the skin and therefore do not overload the makeup. I apply the sprays at a distance of 20 cm from my face to avoid getting into my eyes.

Matting primers most often contain silicone, which dries out skin secretions. The most powerful tools are Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and Balance Manly PRO.

I do not recommend using thermal water to freshen up your makeup. First, no commit occurs. And secondly, the water should not dry out on the face on its own, otherwise it dries out the skin.

Creamy matte eyeshadow base for eye makeup

Milky or slightly pink! There are similar ones in the Color Tattoo 24 Hours line from Maybelline. They fix shadows better than any base. They can be applied on the upper eyelid and under the eyebrow and proceed to the main eye makeup (read about the main beauty trends of this summer here).

Creamy waterproof eyeliner as an eye makeup base

My favorite in this category is Inglot’s # 94 AMC Liner. She has a magical shimmery shade of “champagne”, which, if necessary, is covered with another color. I only apply it on the upper eyelid as a substrate – the shadows do not roll off.

In the summer I do not recommend using eyeliners at all, as they will not withstand the heat. Only gel or waterproof eyeliners.

Loose powder for fixing eyeshadow and eyeliner

Use sheer loose powder to work on your upper and lower eyelids to help keep your eyeliner dry longer. This technique can be repeated throughout the day: Put a small amount of powder on your finger and run it along the crease.

Choose a tone marked “Waterproof”

If the tone “floated”, dry the skin with a matting napkin or dry cotton pad and apply a foundation on top. The durability of the make-up directly depends on the quality of the base. In the summer, I do not recommend using BB and CC creams, because they flow for one or two (one of the rare exceptions is the Missha M Perfect Cover cream)! If you have good skin, a luminous primer is enough (look for decent ones from Becca and Lumene).

For evening events – only waterproof foundation. For example, Shiseido’s Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation. It is liquid but mattifying. Estée Lauder has many foundations marked “Waterproof”.

I do not advise you to correct the tone with powder throughout the day. Under the oily layer, the skin does not breathe and begins to actively produce sebum. It is important that the foundation is initially durable. More Foundation Facts – here!


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