V what is the secret to long, thick hair? Most girls dream of healthy, long and voluminous curls, but how to be patient and not pick up scissors?

To grow long thick hair, you need to understand that without proper care and special procedures, there will be no result. It is important not only to have the desired length, but also to have healthy hair along its entire length. BeautyHack is about how to grow your hair and make it thicker.

Proper nutrition

A balanced diet is a guarantee of good health, a beautiful appearance and, of course, the secret of thick hair. Therefore, give up mono-diets and express methods of losing weight (look for the mistakes that we make when losing weight here) – they often deprive the body of products that saturate it with useful substances and contribute to the correct processes of life.

Add healthy fats (Omega-3 and Omega-6) to your diet, which are especially necessary if you want to grow long and thick hair. Omega 3 and 6 acids are found in sea fish, for example, salmon (for how many times a week you should eat fish, read here), vegetable oils and nuts. These fats will nourish the hair from the inside out, making it stronger.

Trimming the ends

How to grow long, thick hair if you need to cut it periodically? First, you only need to cut the ends every few months. Secondly, the specialist will remove only a couple of centimeters to get rid of the injured ends – such a haircut will not shorten the length, but only refresh the hairstyle.

If you cut a few centimeters of dry ends, the hair roots will not use useful substances to restore them, and hair growth will only accelerate.

And to avoid damaging and dry ends, reduce the use of hair dryers and stylers and try drying your hair naturally. Try to apply nourishing masks and oils to the strands more often. The author of the blog BeButterfly Yulia Petkevich-Sochnova talks about the best hair oils here…

Gentle combing

If you are the owner of straight long and thick hair, you need to comb the strands with special care after washing your hair. Try not to brush your hair when it is wet – it becomes especially fragile. While brushing wet strands, you only stretch and tear them, so experts recommend waiting for the hair to dry.

The structure of the hair is different for everyone, so dry, but not combed strands can turn into not the most stylish hairstyle. In this case, use a wide-toothed comb. Comb the curls with them, starting from the ends, parting the hair in partings. How to choose a comb by hair type, read here…

Easy hairstyles

Tied curls and smooth bunches look stylish, but tightly pulled strands negatively affect the flow of nutrients to the hair roots – it will be more difficult to grow hair with such hairstyles.

If you are accustomed to pulling your hair into a ponytail or using braids on a daily basis, give preference to soft elastic bands, and bunches (for office bun options, look here) can be made a little sloppy.

Washing head

Wash your hair only with warm water – ideally it is better to use boiled or filtered water. If the water is hard, do not forget to apply conditioner to the curls – it will soften the hair and save them from dehydration.

Also, break the habit of washing your hair every day. Shampoos dry out the strands and scalp, and excessive dryness, in turn, leads to even more sebum production. For tips from a trichologist on how to properly wash your hair, see this material.

Text: Diana Snetkova


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