Hfashionable makeup, rainbow eyeshadow or lip accent. BeautyHack talks about makeup trends for New York Fashion Week.

Nude makeup

For the right nude (as on the shows of Altuzarra, Philip Lim, Michael Kors, Lacoste), use concealer, tone and highlighter, lightly go over the lashes with mascara, and apply tint on the lips and cheekbones – it will make the image sensual.

Pink shadows

For a subtle smoky effect, apply eyeshadow or tint to the upper lid and brow area. Tom Peschaux used fluorescent shades at the Oscar de la Renta to create a rainbow effect.

Smeared lipstick

Don’t overdo it by turning sensual makeup into a messy one. For a more natural look, apply bright lipsticks with a brush or even your finger.

Natural lip tint

You don’t have to use scarlet or carrot lipstick. Line your lips with gloss or matte pink lipstick. For the eyes, limit yourself to mascara.

Volume lashes

Makeup artists offered several solutions: blue mascara, like the models of Jason Wu, or false “doll” eyelashes from the Area show.

Smoky ice

For the makeup of Brandon Maxwell models, Tom Pesho used holographic shades: red, gold, emerald. Apply them to the upper eyelid to complete the trendy unicorn smokey ice.


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