TOHow to achieve super long-lasting and natural-looking lips? Try complementing your makeup bag with a lip tint. Its secret is in a special coloring pigment that penetrates deep into the upper layers of the skin, colors them and prolongs the durability of lip makeup for up to 10 hours.

Tint is a makeup product that originally came to us from Korea. But today, tint tints are so popular all over the world that they are produced by many global cosmetic brands.

BeautyHack has collected some of the best lip tints or pigments for you, choose yours:

Dior Addict Lip Tattoo Summer 2019

This year, the French company introduced a limited edition summer lip tint, Dior Addict Lip Tattoo (for more information on this collection from Dior, you can here). Exclusive tint colors allow you to feel free to experiment with summer makeup and looks. The dusty rose shade is perfect for office style, for example, while the lilac brown pigment is perfect for a date.

The texture of the Dior tint is not felt on the lips – the color penetrates the skin, colors it and creates a tattoo effect. You don’t have to worry about the durability of the tint – its creators assure that the color lasts up to 12 hours, and a special convenient applicator will help to apply the product beautifully.

Price: 2 640 rub.

Tint for lips and cheeks Stainiac, The Balm

The versatile Stainiac Tinted Hint of Tint is available in only one shade – cherry. Thanks to its special formula, the tint adapts to any skin type. Therefore, on different girls one color pigment will look unique and unique.

The cosmetic is applied to the lips pointwise, after which it is quickly distributed. If you want to achieve a natural shade, apply the tint in one layer. After application, the product forms a film, which can be removed after 5 minutes and enjoy the effect.

It is better to wash off such lip pigment with two-phase lotions or hydrophilic oil. Read about products that will help you quickly remove makeup and do not injure your skin. here…

Price: 1 193 rub.

Pigment for lips Water Lip Stain, Clarins

This water-based pigment turns matte immediately after application. The palette of shades is very diverse: you can find a shade for any occasion and skin type. The brightness of the pigment can also be adjusted. And so that the product lies evenly before applying it to the lips, use a moisturizing balm. Find out which nourishing lip balms make-up artists choose here…

Price: 1 850 rub.

Tint for lips Jelly Flower Tint, Lancôme

Delicate design immediately attracts attention. But the Jelly Flower Tint itself lives up to the best expectations!

A light pink shade ceases to be transparent, as soon as it is applied to the lips. After a minute, the tint turns bright pink with a cool undertone. Despite the glossy finish, the product is not sticky at all, and after a few hours the gloss completely disappears and only a delicate matte and uniform shade remains on the lips. Tint does not dry out the lips and, on the contrary, moisturizes them.

Price: 1 399 rub.

Tint for lips Pure Lust Absolute Sheer Tint, Cailyn

The “young” American brand Cailyn surprises with a variety of film tints that stay on the lips for up to 10 hours and have a wide color palette.

Particularly noteworthy is the Pure Lust Absolute Sheer Tint, which has a weightless formula and can be used both independently to achieve a natural shade, and with other brand pigments – to place color accents on the lips.

Price: 1 500 rub.

Text: Diana Snetkova