CAmira Mustafayeva (@samira__mustafaeva), medalist of the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship, owner of a network of fitness studios “SM Stretching” – about your favorite means for a fitness tour in Bali.

Anti-Aging Vitaminized Face Sunscreen Soin Vitamine SPF thirty, Soleil Noir

During my fitness tour in Bali, I chose Soleil Noir products to protect my skin from the sun’s rays. I liked the products of this brand, because they not only perform the basic functions associated with safe exposure to the sun, but also take care of the condition of the skin in general. Soleil Noir even has its own exclusive fragrance – Frangipani Flowers.

Soleil Noir Soin Vitamine SPF 30 face cream moisturizes and gives a rejuvenating effect. It contains vitamin C, which helps to regenerate skin cells, and beta-carotene (Pro-Retinol), which helps to obtain an even tan. I apply this cream about 15-20 minutes before going out into the sun and I feel calm.

Anti-Aging Vitaminized Sunscreen Body Milk Lait Fluide SPF thirty, Soleil Noir

Another remedy from the recently loved beauty brand Soleil Noir. Reliable, effective, meeting all the needs of a person who wants to get an even tan without harming the skin.

Since the milk contains a high percentage of aloe vera extract, there is no need to worry about skin irritation. Rosemary leaf extract helps relieve inflammation, while hyaluronic acid reduces moisture loss.

Glow Eye Patch, Erborian

Erborian fabric patches are simply irreplaceable things during a long flight to Bali and the island. The face looks fresh, so no one will even guess that you just got off the plane or that you are trying to adapt to the jet lag.

Licorice root extract moisturizes the skin, gives it radiance and evens tone. The patches are generously saturated with serum, but despite this, they adhere well to the face. No discomfort or cooling sensation.

CC-eye cream, Erborian

If you choose a product for the skin around the eyes, then only the CC-cream from Erborian. Even out the tone, smooth out wrinkles, mask dark circles under the eyes, soften the skin and moisturize it – this tool can do everything. It contains peptides to improve skin elasticity and red algae to help maintain makeup longer.

A big plus is the absence of fragrances and the presence of SPF 20. Thus, the cream protects the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Shower gel with vetiver and lavender, ST BARTH

Refreshing and relaxing beauty treatment. Thanks to him, everyday things like taking a bath or shower become real aroma rituals. After application, the gel turns into a creamy foam that you don’t want to rinse off! Starting every morning with this ST BARTH gel will make your day a little better than usual.

In addition to vetiver and lavender extracts, it contains coconut oil, green tea extract and Caribbean water. The gel soothes the skin, protects it from dehydration and softens it.


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