78% of queer people have experienced violence or discrimination – VP


The Russian LGBT Network (the Sphere Foundation, acting as the operator of the Russian LGBT Network, is recognized as a foreign agent. – Note ed.) published the results of a study of discrimination against LGBTQ + people in Russia. According to the organization’s findings, 78.4% of queer people experienced violence or discrimination because of their gender identity and sexual orientation. The most vulnerable groups of the population are transgender women and LGBTQ + adolescents. Also, cases of violation of rights have increased due to the pandemic.

“Unfortunately, the law enforcement and judicial systems are often not only unable to protect the rights of LGBT + people, but they themselves act as agents of discrimination and violence. In 25% of cases of appeals to the police, the statements of the victims were not accepted. According to data in certain federal districts, law enforcement officials support homophobic sentiments and are actively fighting LGBT + activism. Not only did they not investigate the attacks of right-wing radical groups, but they themselves disrupted educational LGBT + events, ”the organization notes.

The LGBT Network pays special attention to the persecution of queer persons in the North Caucasus, where “the security forces not only cover up the persecution of LGBT people, but are active and violent actors in these persecutions (as well as abductions).” The organization also draws attention to the active use of conversion therapy in the region, as well as the practice of “driving out the jinn”. However, cases of “treatment” of homosexuality have become more frequent in Moscow and the Moscow region.

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