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Traveling and spontaneous trips I do not want to part with the usual care and banks that are needed every day. But most of your favorite home remedies cannot be taken on an airplane and are inconvenient to carry in a bag. Travel packages of small volume and cosmetic bags come to the rescue, saving space in a suitcase. We are showing six shops where you can buy inexpensive and reliable travel accessories – they are available in almost every city.


In the favorite stores of all hunters for budget masterpieces, you can find a decent range of travel accessories from the inexpensive brands QVS and DE.CO presented here. Banks are calmly going through travel, they are tightly closed and are very inexpensive – you can take a lot at once. One of the most convenient types of containers is silicone bottles: they take up less space in a cosmetic bag, and they will fit more shampoo or conditioner. For those who cannot travel without fragrances, there are atomizers, but it is better not to count on this purchase for centuries.


In principle, it is better to keep the plastic cans in which Lush packs its products: brand lovers often come to the store for new portions of shampoos and masks with their containers. We have already recommended traveling with cosmetics in the form of bars and sticks: these are shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, serums – you can update almost the entire ritual of care. The store also sells gift metal cans. They are unsuitable for liquids, but they will regularly store solid cosmetics on trips and flights for several years.

“Rive Gauche”

Another brand of ultra-budget cosmetics, which also produces accessories, is represented in Rive Gaucher and several other chains. “Gurmandiz” are famous for good cheap ink in a funny tube, but we recommend paying attention to the few travel containers. A small set of two pump bottles, a spray bottle and three cream jars can be taken away with a daily cosmetic set, and a large one is enough for additional pleasures. Several funnels for pouring liquids are included in each cosmetic bag for added convenience. The brand also has sets of small durable bags for transporting small items.


The largest network has long had several of its own brands, in the lines of which you can find high-quality inexpensive cosmetics and excellent brushes. The stores also sell the perfect Wanderlust travel bags: they don’t cost a penny, but they have perfect performance. Even full-size bottles can be placed in the standard volume of the Gate series, so there is definitely enough space for travel containers, and small things, palettes and pencils are conveniently stored in additional compartments. The best part is that the bags are really strong (you shouldn’t check and fill them to capacity anyway).


In a supermarket of budget cosmetics, you can find about the same as in “Girlfriend” or “Ozone” – and also at a low price. We recommend choosing travel kits with attached signature stickers and, again, silicone containers. In stores, there are cosmetic bags without wild drawings of a rather convenient form, if you need one right now, you can safely buy – just not plastic cases.

“Ile de Beaute”

In this network, accessories of all kinds are presented mainly at the stand with Sephora cosmetics – no tricks, but convenient containers and mini-tools at low prices. The American giant produces several types of cans for different textures, they are transparent, durable and roomy (the main thing is not to forget to sign them). The laziest place to shop before you leave: you can immediately pick up patches, masks, makeup remover wipes, disposable sponges and mini nail files that are easy to safely lose on vacation.

Photo: Girlfriend, Lush, Rive Gauche, L’Etoile, ELIZE, Ile de Beaute

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