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We never tire of reminding you of the importance of sun protection all year round. And we continue to rejoice that modern means every year give us less and less pain when using. The main rule of sun protection is not to forget that you need to apply Sanskrin daily: it is simple, but not always convenient. Here are nine tips to help you use your sun protection products with maximum comfort.

Calculate the required amount of funds, focusing on your own needs

It is often recommended to apply to the face an amount of Sanskrin equal to a third or a quarter of a teaspoon: according to the FDA standard, there should be 2 mg of the product per square centimeter of skin. The Sanskrin measuring spoon can really be a useful tool: many of us apply much less product than necessary. However, keep in mind that people have different faces and sunscreens can be thicker or lighter. Start with the minimum amount (still the same third of a teaspoon), and then pick it up individually. Immediately after application, the product should lie in an even, tangible layer – later part of it will be absorbed. If the Sanskrin leaks and stains are visible on the skin ten to fifteen minutes after application, try taking a little less next time.

Choose a texture that suits the characteristics of your skin

Sunscreen formats are not limited to thick cream, which are not suitable for everyone in a sock: although this particular texture remains the most reliable, you can look for other options or combine products. If you have oily skin, choose mattifying fluids and gels; if dry, look for the word “moisturizing” on the tube. Sprays and sticks are good options for refreshing protection throughout the day, especially at the beach and when traveling. If you use make-up, choose a powder or tinting agent with a protective function: be sure to combine such products with a comfortable texture of a self-contained sunscreen. As a rule, make-up products cannot provide the required level of safety: they cannot be applied in large quantities, and their decorative skills usually prevail over protective ones.

If possible, pick up several different products

One good sunscreen can be used on all parts of the body throughout the sunny season, but if you are spending the summer actively and your care needs to be adjusted to different circumstances, you can stock up on a couple of different products. When traveling, it is better to play it safe by using products with a protection factor of SPF 50+, and for the city, SPF 30 is enough. Body products, if your skin does not have special features that require special care, you can choose among the most inexpensive, and a sufficiently dense face sunscreen can be used on open shoulders, arms and neck. In any case, it is not worth saving the tube until next year (remember the instability of the ingredients), so do not be afraid to use the right product to the maximum.

Refresh the layer of funds throughout the day

This applies to any sunscreen products – during the time that you are in the sun, they are not only absorbed and smeared, but also gradually lose their properties as a result of interaction with the sun and the environment. The ideal update interval is ninety minutes, but you can try to remember the ritual every two to three hours. If you are spending time on the beach, apply a sunscreen product after swimming, and when in the open sun during peak hours, shorten the interval between applications. Light and sensitive skin reacts faster to radiation, so it will require constant renewal of the product, even if you plan to spend most of a hot day in the shade.

Any degree of protection is already good

If you don’t have a reliable product with a high protection factor at hand, use whatever you have – you will provide your skin with at least partial or short-term protection. Trying to conjure is not worth it: recall that the SPF values ​​do not add up, so use the product with the highest protection factor as the main one – foundation, powders, basic moisturizers will do. If the degree of protection of the chosen product is not high, try to spend as little time as possible in the open sun and leave the house in comfortable clothing that covers the body.

Apply to all exposed areas of the body

Shoulders, neck, ears, legs, arms – everything that can be burned needs protection, so a separate sanskrin for the body will not be overkill. However, almost any sunscreen for your face will work well on your body. For sensitive and reactive skin with peculiarities, this rule often does not work the other way around: the product may be too heavy for especially sensitive areas and areas where the skin is especially thin. Pay a lot of attention to your face: the product should be applied under the eyes, up to the lash line, and on the lips – even the simplest balm with a protection factor above SPF 15 will be a sufficient investment in the fight against ultraviolet light.

Apply sunscreen after all other makeup

The sunscreen also protects physically – that is, the layer should remain on the skin for as long as possible without damage. Apply Sanskrin after all your normal skincare rituals and wait for the skin to absorb the right amount of the moisturizing product. Fortunately, this step can be simplified by using a moisturizing sunscreen or your usual cream with an “added” sunscreen function – many popular brands produce summer counterparts. When planning your makeup, minimize the impact on the Sanskrin layer: do not smear, but drive in decorative cosmetics with light movements.

Choose hygienic packaging

It is better to refuse funds in jars with a lid, among which there are many good ones, if you actively use sun protection. Sunscreen in an opaque package with a pump or spout will last longer in its original state, it is easier to share it with friends, and it will eliminate the need to thoroughly wash your hands before each application. Remember that any cosmetics can change their texture when exposed to high temperatures: do not throw your beach bag with your treasures in the scorching sun and do not keep your sunscreen on a well-lit windowsill.

Rinse off sunscreen as well as removing makeup

It seems that during the day the protective screen disappears without a trace – this, alas, is not the case, especially if you do not neglect the update. The remnants of filters and other components remain on the skin for a long time and mix with other impurities, so it is better to use a two-step cleansing to remove sunscreen: if you notice that the skin reacts to sunscreen with inflammation, you can try giving the product another chance by combining it with reliable products for washing and removing makeup.

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