Let this summer be about freedom, self-love and deliberate experimentation. If you have wavy or curly hair and have gone through the merciless straightening step, it’s time to move on to a new one. To begin with, it is worth studying the “curly girl method” – it is described in detail in the telegram channel “So and go”. I can also recommend the channels Klava Curly, Curl Rock’n’Roll and DJ Liza Veta. The most important thing is the technique of washing, moisturizing, drying and, of course, choosing the right products. Even if the hair is slightly wavy and frizzy, it means there is potential – just change the approach. Shampoo and conditioner – according to the needs of the skin and hair, but we choose the styling products according to the mood: gel or mousse for more accentuated curls, salt spray or texturizer will make the hair harder and more voluminous. Natural drying and diffuser drying have different effects, you can combine them and look for different options that are more suitable for you. For straight hair, you can and should also use a diffuser.

Before any styling, depending on the type of hair, we apply: thermal protection, mousse foam / spray for volume or mousse gel for curls, and then dry it with clips, fingers and a diffuser with a not very strong air flow – this is how texture, negligence appears. If you want to add a “wet” or “oil” effect, apply a gel or oil cream, and if you want, on the contrary, more fluffiness and volume, apply a paste or cream for texture. If you are tired of curls on the iron – do not rush to throw it away! Just try styling your hair in a more intuitive and slightly broken step motion for a more unusual waveform. I advise you to experiment at low temperatures (if the hair is not very stiff). Another cool life hack for creating movement and volume in hair of any length: take a hairdryer (you can play with the temperature) and any styling product (varnish, salt spray or texturizer), direct the air flow to the roots and length and shoot means into this stream – it turns out a very cool effect! This is how I like to finish styling.

In the summer, I recommend remembering the usual tails and bunches – they can also be diversified with the help of different textures (from smooth to grunge with creases, “roosters” and waves) and jewelry (rings, pearls – everything that you can find in the department for creativity and needlework). In a set with pearls, I took pearls with and without an adhesive base, of different sizes. I spied this hairstyle from one of my favorite stylist bloggers. It is not difficult to recreate such a styling – I applied a lot of strong hold gel and water to my hair, glued pearls and dried it with a hot hairdryer. For an active walk, this option is not very suitable (the pearls fall off), but for a photo – that’s it.

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