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In the summer, I want to put on the body not only Sanskrin and in general, more often use cosmetics designed for pleasure and pleasant sensations. Similar banks can be found in different price segments. It is worth looking at your favorite fragrances in creamy textures, and trying to smell unfamiliar products in all sorts of stores – among them there will certainly be something that you will want to use often. Here are ten of our favorite summer body products.

Clarins Baume Corps Super Hydratant Jasmine Moisturizing Body Balm

RUB 950

For the fragrance collection, Clarins have made new versions of the bestsellers with stunning scents of magnolia, jasmine and neroli. This is a summer version of a rich moisturizing balm, which is equally pleasant to use in the morning and in the evening, if you have fifteen minutes left: during this time it is absorbed and leaves the skin soft. The believable scent of jasmine works well in any situation and leaves the skin pretty quickly. But even a few minutes in his company is enough to start or end the day with a meditative mood.

CliniqueFIT Workout Face + Body Hydrating Spray

RUB 1550

Clinique has a whole line of “sports” makeup products – but perhaps you shouldn’t take the positioning of the fitness series literally. Thermal washable mascara, stable tone in the stick, tint for lips and cheeks – these are rather universal means for quick and comfortable natural make-up. The brand also released a water-based moisturizing face and body spray. It is convenient to use after training and on the plane: it refreshes, practically does not smell, does not leave a sticky film. You can also spray on your face with criss-cross movements, a moderate amount of spray will not make the makeup run away.

Body Lotion L: a Bruket 193 Grapefruit Leaf

RUB 3000

The brand, masterfully working with aromatic oils, boasts not only refills for candles, but also excellent body products. This is a simple glycerin-based lotion with a generous amount of different oils. The essential oils of grapefruit and lavender are responsible for the smell – a moderately fresh floral-herbaceous smell is obtained, which successfully integrates in both heat and coolness. The lotion has a slight emollient effect: all are made by the same glycerin, coconut oil, cocoa and shea butter. For very dry skin, the product may be too light, but it is excellent for normal skin. We remind you that in case of sensitivity and allergies, products with essential oils should be tested in advance.

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Cooling Body Gelée

RUB 4100

Various products with cooling, soothing and moisturizing effects are very good for relaxing in the beach mode – they are pleasant to apply to skin warmed by the sun. We do not recommend spending a lot of time in the sun, in principle, but if you like to sunbathe, you may like similar products for use after sunbathing. This jelly has the recognizable scent of the Bronze Goddess fragrance, which reproduces popular ideas of the perfect vacation, and a weightless texture. And also bulky packaging, but it behaves obediently in the road bank.

Shower Jelly Lush “Deep Sleep”

RUB 920

Believe it or not, jelly is a very economical texture: a piece of product the size of a phalanx of a finger is enough to shower in comfort. It should be melted a little in your hands, and then distributed throughout the body. Plastic jelly with glycerin and oils in the composition does not make the skin hopelessly dry, it is easily washed off with water and smells amazing: chamomile, lavender and neroli together remind of herbal tea on a summer cottage. Other shower products can be found in jelly format at Lush, as well as scrubs and masks with equally decent characteristics.

Mugler Aura Body Lotion

RUB 3090

One of the main scents of summer turned out to be too bright, as expected: if there is a lot of the contents of the bottle in the air, there is a risk of feeling like an orchid in the jungle all day. Nevertheless, this green scent is the friendliest in the Mugler line, and should be introduced to anyone who is even a little carried away by smells. You can start your acquaintance with a light body lotion: apply it all over the body or on some points to tame the scent. The perfumed cream will not knock passers-by off their feet, but it will be able to immerse you in a sweet and fresh cloud of vines and moisture.

Origins Ginger Rush Intensely Hydrating Body Cream

RUB 3300

Almost all Origins products have very good textures, well adapted to life in the city: fast-working soft masks, not too fluid oils, plastic creams. This body care product is made in a soufflé format: very light, melting, with the same popular refreshing effect. Moisturizes well, for very dry skin that needs denser textures with ceramides in the composition, it is not suitable. But it will be comfortable for everyone else. It smells like a ginger-citrus cocktail and sets you up for adventure.

Weleda Lavender Relaxing Body Oil

1400 RUB

All Weleda body oils have very close to natural scents, so lavender fans should pay attention to this product. The oil is suitable for massage, addition to a body base product and for taking a bath. This is really oil, so you need to apply it gently and in small quantities so as not to stain everything around. Allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin should test before buying. If you like the scent of the product, but it seems too intrusive in the oil format, you can try lavender shower gel.

Lumene Lahde Arctic Care Moisture Intense Body Butter

RUB 950

We used to look for butters at a popular British brand, but if you are tired of strong fragrances, look for an alternative at Lumene. This is a thick cream to be applied to dry or slightly damp skin. The product is not greasy, does not leave a film, but makes the skin softer. Still, a separate advantage of the Lumene Butter is its smell: a simple, fresh and subtle aroma. Claims to make it a basic remedy for the body, as it will come in handy in any situation and will not steal attention from the perfume if you plan to combine funds.

CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion for Dry to Very Dry Skin

RUB 512

One of the best pharmacy brands is now available in Russia and we highly recommend stocking up on their bestsellers. Products that seem to be made for people with skin features, in fact, are suitable for almost everyone. The main component of the lotion is ceramides, which support the skin’s own lipid barrier. The lotion is felt on the skin for a long time, but it is comfortable and without stickiness. It can be applied both on the body and on the face, use it as a hand cream, use it pointwise on dry areas of the skin. Another irreplaceable assistant in travel and flights.

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