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We have already told you more than once that owners of hair with special needs (for example, curly or severely damaged) should always pay attention to sulfate-free shampoos: they provide sufficient cleansing, but do not dry out the hair and sensitive scalp. Often, sulfate-free products are recommended to everyone in general – precisely because gentle cleansing is good for almost any skin, especially in the cold season. We show ten proven options.

OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo

RUB 895

The American brand OGX has countless lines of hair care with a variety of stunning scents and extracts, and the products are united by their predominantly organic composition – almost all shampoos and conditioners do not contain sulfates. This coconut shampoo smells like coconut naturally, foams well due to the egg white in the composition, is economical to use and perfectly softens tough strands. In a duet with a light hair oil from the same series, it allows you to get manageable hair even without blow-drying and other tweaks.

Ouai Smooth Shampoo

1892 RUB

For those who have damaged or very dry hair, it is better to choose a nourishing shampoo, and for those who just want to switch to a softer care, you can choose its basic version. It foams well and cleans strands – the difference in comparison with the usual detergent “before squeak” is felt to be minimal. At the same time, it smells almost imperceptibly and is laconically packaged – a good candidate for the post of a universal “family” shampoo. We sincerely expect that the brand, following other cool American brands, will appear in the Russian Sephora.

Shampoo Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo

RUB 1626 for 250 ml

A well-known brand, which has mixed all the care with argan oil, has a lot of products for curly hair, but not only. In the ranks of sulfate-free cowashings and other cleaners, there is also such a product with the same delicate characteristics, but intended rather for fine hair. This is a good shampoo that nominally adds volume – not sure what will turn any mane into an ad, but it really doesn’t weigh down the hair after washing and leaves it soft.

Kiehl’s Damage Repairing & Rehydrating Shampoo

1640 RUB for 250 ml

This is again the basic sulfate-free shampoo that the American market is flooded with in sufficient quantities. Not all of them reach Russia, but this good product can be bought at any Kiehl’s corner (and even get a mini-version for travel). An excellent example of the genre: it helps hair of most types and varying degrees of dryness not to get tangled during washing, does not tighten hair and scalp, and just cleans well. It does not smell of herbal fragrances that are regular for the brand, but a pleasant perfumery aroma.

Davines NaturalTech Renewing Shampoo

1920 RUB

The expensive Italian brand that produces wow products with simple tasks has several types of NaturalTech shampoos – all of them do not contain sulfates and gently cleanse the hair and scalp, but differ in texture and purpose. A refreshing shampoo is worth trying for those who are worried about breakage and hair loss (seasonal or due to stress – in other cases, you should see a doctor, not home care): if you combine the product with a head massage with every wash, the reactive hair loss really stops faster. But even then the mild shampoo will remain a good daily helper.

The Body Shop Rainforest Shine Shampoo

RUB 590

Products without sulfates or with less aggressive similar compounds have always been found even in popular brands – in product lines for colored hair. The British brand The Body Shop, who knows a lot about bathing pleasures, has always had Rainforest shampoo, however, it was difficult to call it the best. After the renewal of the formula, the aromatic hair remedy with unpredictable behavior turned into a worthy sulfate-free shampoo from the budget segment: it foams poorly, cleans well, does not irritate the scalp.

Natura Siberica Neutral Shampoo

RUB 475

And here is the domestic analogue of Ouai: a laconic composition, an unobtrusive fragrance and the desired gentle cleansing. It is really neutral – it does not bother even a very dry or already irritated scalp and is good in bad weather or if the skin reacts unpleasantly to conventional products. In addition, Natura Siberica shampoo leaves a much more distinct feeling of cleanliness than many other sulfate-free products, and it will last for a long time – 500 solid milliliters were poured into the package.

L’Oréal Professionnel Source Essentielle Delicate Shampoo

1150 RUB

The giant L’Oréal always looks in the direction of the latest trends – in particular, the Source Essentielle line is designed to satisfy the audience’s demand for natural care. This delicate shampoo is good on its own: it is really soft and is especially suitable for not too thick hair that needs volume. In addition, all products in the line are packaged in biodegradable plastic, and when the shampoo runs out, you can refill the jar in any salon that uses L’Oréal products – it’s cool, only a few famous brands can boast of a refill system today.

L’Oréal Paris Elseve Low Shampoo Cleanser

RUB 399

And here is another successful attempt by L’Oréal to modernize its own bestsellers – based on the popular Elseve shampoos, the brand has made three cleansers: with oils, for damaged hair and for colored hair. The brand positions its “low shampoo” as a multifunctional care, but in fact it is already familiar to us coowing – and very good at the same time. Use alone as a cleansing conditioner or as a shampoo with other products – both will result in healthy scalp and manageable hair.

Redken Curvaceous No Foam Shampoo

1650 RUB

The classic direct route to the perfect cleanser is through the curly shelves – however, not all curl wearers will work with any conventional sulfate-free shampoo. This Redken line is all about curling, so you can find the creamy textures familiar to advanced users with little to no lather. Nevertheless, if the unusual torment with sulfate-free cosmetics is already over, it is worth trying it: the shampoo well and carefully cleanses the scalp and the curl structure, with the correct washing technique, remains intact.

PHOTO: OGX Beauty, The Ouai, Moroccan Oil, Kiehl’s, Davines, The Body Shop, Natura Siberica, L’Oréal (1, 2), Redken