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Text: Moore Soboleva, author of the Fierce & Cute Telegram channel

And for those of us who like to paint for a long time, and those who prefer quick make-up sometimes need funds for all occasions – such as to make a full-fledged make-up with one can and not take a steam bath. Moore Soboleva has assembled multifunctional pieces, each of which alone can cope with several tasks.

Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Liquid Glitter Lit

1990 RUB

Diamond Crushers are designed to be lip toppers, transforming matte lipsticks into a riot of glitter. But the beauty of the product is in its versatility: it can be applied over the balm or simply on bare lips (then there will be a dry and sufficiently resistant coating), mixed with a transparent lip gloss (you will get a traditional lip gloss with large glitter) or used as a highlighter for cheekbones, collarbones and the corners of the eyes. The golden pink Lit looks luxurious in all variants.

Stick “L’Etoile” Selection Voile de Peau in Plaisir

RUB 1199

The classic form factor for multifunctional products – sticks for lips and cheeks, especially convenient for travel, when you do not want to spend a lot of time on make-up. Usually blush is produced in this form, but L’Etoile Selection this spring made a line that includes both a bronzer and two highlighters, and the shades are selected so that they also look good on the lips.

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Highlight + Contour Palette in Matte Sculpting

867 r

The main problem of Physicians Formula is the desire to confuse the buyer in names: there are several products under the name Bronze Booster, but our heroine is a matte sculpting palette. This is a great everyday thing: the shades are pigmented, dense, shade well and are suitable not only for the face, but also for the eyes. The set of colors is very good – universal and without reddishness.

Loose pigment LASplash Diamond Dust in the shade Zodiac

1090 RUB

Last year’s new LASplash, Diamond Dust powder pigments, are available in matte, shiny and metallic textures. Like any printed pigment, when applied tightly, they require a base, but otherwise – complete freedom: you can apply not only as shadows, but also replace blush and highlighters with them. The fiery scarlet matte Zodiac looks great on the eyes, on the cheeks, and on the lips over the primer.

Highlighter Wycon Shimmer Cheeks Highlighter Holo

1349 RUB

The duochrome lavender-pink highlighter from the spring collection is offered by the brand to be applied to the entire face, including lips, without the need for trifles. The texture of the product is creamy, but turns into a powdery one: the product itself is hidden in a cap, and the highlighter is applied with a small round sponge.

Chanel Poudre à Lèvres Lip Powder Rosso Pompeiano

RUB 2760 in Chanel boutiques

Spring novelty Chanel is a box with two compartments, where on one side lip balm, and on the other – the pigment that needs to be applied over it. The thing seems impractical, but in fact it is convenient: firstly, you can vary the density of application from the most delicate to nuclear, and secondly, colored powder can be used as a blush or shadow.

Stick NARS The Multiple in G-Spot

RUB 3199

The Multiple cream sticks are designed for use on lips, cheeks and eyes – yes, NARS products are not cheap, but you can get one for all occasions. The shade under the dashing name G-Spot (early François Nars was very fond of giving near-erotic names to his funds) is actually conservative – a noble and even modest dark rose with a golden tint.

Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Androgen

1799 RUB

Illamasqua matte cream pigments are recommended for use on all areas of the face and even for body art: they are waterproof and set after application. Contrary to the custom of the brand, there are not very many shades in the series, and they are all quite conventional – but they are universal. So, beige-pink Androgen refreshes the face, and in any quality: on the eyes, and on the cheeks, and on the lips.

Essence Mix & Match Your Look Palette

581 r

A palette of bright creamy pigments could only be bought from expensive professional brands before, but now you can wake up your inner makeup artist for relatively little money. The German democratic brand has made a set of nine pigments (one compartment in the palette is empty – it is intended for mixing) that can be applied anywhere: even paint the body with roses, at least make arrows.

Inglot Intense Sparkler prismatic pigment in shade 18

1650 RUB

Prismatic and holographic – the new black, and this spring all the leading brands have made their versions of such tools. A variation of the Polish brand Inglot – pressed iridescent pigments that can be worn on their own on the eyes or cheekbones, or used over colored eyeshadows for a very cosmic result. The most unusual in the collection is the green-pink shade 18.

Lancôme Matte Shaker Cushion in Kiss Me Chérie

1871 RUB

Strictly speaking, this is a lipstick – or rather, a matte tint, which can be applied tightly in several layers or very thinly in the style of “ate cherry and got carried away a little.” But due to the attractive applicator, bright pigments and light watery texture, Matte Shaker is perfect for use as a blush – the main thing is to shade quickly, until the tint is absorbed.

Loose Glitter Make Up For Ever Star Lit Powder in shade 2 Frozen Gold

1450 RUB

Dani Sanz, the creator of Make Up For Ever, loves everything shiny and shimmery and launched a large line of Star Lit Powder last year. In one small jar there is a whole children’s party: very small loose glitter that can be applied to the eyes, face and body, and also mixed with a fixative and used as an eyeliner.

YSL Kiss and Blush in shade 4 Orange Fougueux

RUB 2960

This lip and cheek tint is one of the first of its kind to be released by a large brand and is now YSL’s bestseller: a creamy long-lasting pigment in a rectangular bottle that is applied with an integrated neat applicator. It blends well on the cheeks, but if you apply a thick layer on the lips, it can dry out a little – but the balm solves this problem.

Ciaté London Fun Palette

2649 RUB

This is a palette of eyeshadows, but, as they say in bad publicity, it can do more. Ciaté has good pigmentation and good textures, so a shade of fuchsia will work well as a blush, light ones will serve as a highlighter, and bright colors, if you slightly moisten a brush in the fixative, you can draw persistent and beautiful arrows.

Photo: Sephora (1, 2), Net-A-Porter, Lancome, Inglot, Pudra, Nars, Il de Bote, Wycom, Girlfriend, I Love Makeup, L’Etoile, Beauty Bay, Illamasqua