5 trendy makeup at Paris Fashion Week – VP



The last major fashion week is rich for interesting beauty ideas: even the most traditional brands had plenty of up-to-date fantasy arrows and bright colors. Designers and make-up artists think a lot about the beauty of the future, turn to the past for bright trends and, as is customary everywhere today, call to be bolder. Here are five inspirational make-ups from the Paris Spring / Summer runway shows.

Yellow shadows

Saint Laurent has a programmatic revolt and rock and roll with all the consequences: it’s not surprising, but the way the main makeup artist of the brand Tom Peshaux approached beauty images with such initial data is interesting to observe. Red lips and blackest arrows in the tradition of aggressive new femininity did not end there. We recommend spying on viable pastel hair dyes and yellow shadows applied to the very eyebrows – in the form of such an accent, a fashionable color fits perfectly into a conventionally fatal bow.

“Oiled” arrows

The luxurious Dior show, the theme of which was dance (hosted by Israeli choreographer Sharon Eyal and his dancers in the work on the show), also delighted with a very cool make-up. The main accent is the black liner at the eyelashes and on the mucous membrane: according to the idea of ​​Peter Philips, this scheme should resemble a little makeup that leaked during the rehearsal. Abstract arrows are completed with kayal. If you want to reproduce them, watch out for the harmony of the lines, but symmetry, as we are already used to, is not too necessary.

Eyebrow strings

One of the most impressive journeys into the past happened at the Gucci show – this time there were no dragons, but the images of club teens
from the 70s turned out to be no less cinematic; Jane Birkin’s performance was the icing on the cake. First of all, everyone was surprised by the short bangs that look like the models cut them themselves, and the underpainted nails: Alessandro Michele continues to tastefully rethink what is considered “ugly”. Some models had neat strings of eyebrows painted over the bleached natural ones – Gucci now knows how to handle anti-trends.

Rhinestone hands

The makeup that can be seen best from space was, of course, Pat McGrath. For the Valentino show, the eyelids of the models were painted in bright colors, expressive arrows were brought out and pasted over with different-sized rhinestones. A similar makeup with a more modest amount of rhinestones, but no less futuristic arrows, the makeup artist did at last year’s Prada show, and Papermag remembered Lady Gaga’s makeup for her Super Bowl performance. In order for such a make-up to be harmonious, you need to practice, but the result is worth it.

Body art

Make-up can be done not only on the face, so make-up artists often paint different parts of the model’s body. Body art, unfortunately, rarely acts as a separate part of the image – from which one of the outputs of the Loewe model is definitely worth welcoming. Pat McGrath painted a real picture on her back: it looks difficult, but you can repeat a similar image effortlessly, with the help of a large and detailed transfer tattoo.