Musician and artist Jenny Malkovich on theatricality and favorite cosmetics – VP


About unusual makeup

If I leave the house without makeup, I feel like I’m pretending to be someone else, like I’m incognito. When you paint something on your face or dress in a special way, you cease to be just a person with facial features and a figure that you did not choose, you become a work of art.

In general, people often say that I look “theatrical”, but I don’t understand why this should be bad. If it is possible on stage, on the podium, on the screen, then why not in life? There are different rules, but this is still the same life, only in different colors, in other words. It’s even better to put it this way: art is a cover of life.

But the important thing is not whether this is normal from the point of view of people who see you, but how you feel about it. If you are uncomfortable in the most luxurious makeup, then it will not give the desired result. With cosmetics as with high heels: if you wear shoes and are uncomfortable, it will look stupid, not pretty. There are, of course, charming exceptions.

About appearance and fantasy

I do not like to separate “holidays” and just days. I always try to look like something special is about to happen today. This is a ritual: I immediately imagine going somewhere to the accompaniment of heroic music, and there – oh no! – someone is in danger, you need to defeat the villains, and so on. Almost every day. However, I don’t spend a lot of time getting ready: now it takes me no more than fifteen minutes to make up, even the most difficult one. It happens, however, that I get too carried away and start thinking out, trying to add something else, but then nothing comes of it. My life is impressionism, you need to follow the feelings.

The way I look is inseparable from what I do and what I say. In the song I am still the same person as in life, because my main work is not songs or pictures, but my whole life. A person in general can be a mediocre artist and a lame musician, but they can have their own style and idea. Here the essence is in the person himself and his interaction with the world.

Doing makeup is like painting a picture, only on the face. From the age of twelve, maybe even earlier, I began to use cosmetics. In the beginning it was a vigorous “Little Princess”, pink eyeshadow, some hellish lip gloss. Then I got the Elizabeth Arden set with a bunch of different shades of eyeshadow, eyeliner and a make-up book. I started doing all sorts of things with this book. First I applied a natural make-up, then – the one I wanted. It turned out that I used ten shadow colors at once.

About your favorite cosmetics

Speaking of preferences, the mascara is definitely Estée Lauder, the lipstick is the classic red Dior, and the MAC, of ​​course. Matte lipstick is suitable for lips and eyes – for everything. And her favorite eyeliner is Chanel Signature. Damn it, this is just a miracle, I tell you. At the age of thirteen, I went to parties, there I cried, laughed, then fell asleep, and in the morning it was as if I had just put on makeup. Now I bought another Chanel eyeliner and I really like it too.

I have not used foundation for a long time. Once I was plastered like a doll, it seemed to me that it was cool. But in general it is somehow inconvenient. Then I just realized that I would never have skin like rose petals, so I don’t even have to try. Fortunately, it no longer looks like sandpaper. Wish I could find a very white tone to look like a Japanese noble maiden – I even took a lemon juice bath once, hoping to get whiter, but the bath bleached better than I did.

About care and mood

Now I use only Clinique divine face soap, micellar water and scrub, and I prefer to use a body wash on my face. In general, I am obsessed with oils and creams: I do not feel well enough without anointing. A year ago, I went on a journey, sort of like a crusade. It turned out, to be honest, not very good – I just went to South Korea and the Philippines. I took my guitar with me in a case in which I put a lot of things: shampoo, gel, creams, oils, stickers on the face and all the cosmetics. In short, I can’t live without it. Even when the devil knows where I was penniless, I wore a red dress with “theatrical” make-up and a bunch of shiny things on my face.

If we talk about something magical that lifts my spirits, then this is gold – a metal that will not fade and will not fail, milkshakes, and bath bombs. I love it very much when the water becomes colored or small stars are poured into it.

There is a special magic in all this. I cannot preach to people my vision of the world, it makes no sense, but I can personify the way I want to see the world. If you always act mercifully and justly, if you look like it’s always a holiday, there will be a small chance to make life better. When things get really bad, I try not to despair. It happens that people who are depressed stop caring for themselves, but I know that if I stop, I will be even worse. There is consolation in such things. In general, the worse I feel, the better I look – it always happens.

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