Rosbalt and Republic editions are recognized as “foreign agents” – VP


The Ministry of Justice has added to the list of “foreign agents” by including the legal entity of the Rosbalt agency and Moscow Digital Media LLC, which is the legal entity of the Republic publication. The company is wholly owned by Natalya Sindeeva, the general director of the Dozhd TV channel (recognized as a foreign agent. – Editor’s note.).

“We, of course, do not agree with this and believe that the law on foreign agents should be abolished, it is unfair, wrong and harmful for Russia and for society in general. We consider its application to the Republic to be completely wrong, including because the Republic does not have any foreign funding, ”said Dmitry Kolezev, Editor-in-Chief of the Republic.

A similar statement was made by the chief editor of Rosbalt Nikolai Ulyanov. “As far as we know, our founder has no sources of external financing. We are waiting for some kind of explanation, clarification. Until they are gone, I think it is premature to draw any conclusions, ”he said. Rosbalt is run by Natalya Cherkesova, the wife of the ex-head of the Federal Drug Control Service, Viktor Cherkesov.

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