In the summer, sun protection products become central to our care ritual, so the question of finding the perfect format for many remains relevant. We recently shared that it is sometimes nice to have a few Sunscreens for all occasions, especially if you travel a lot. You can also combine several different products, and if you wear makeup, replace your usual cans with products with a sun protection function.

Lush has unusual products, which are enthusiastically mastering environmentally friendly solid cosmetics, powders and sprays. This light body powder has a “lightweight” SPF 15 filter – reliable titanium dioxide. The composition is based on calamine, known for its anti-inflammatory properties. The powder gives the skin an almost invisible glow, feels comfortable thanks to the oils, smells like a woody citrus scent that sits very close to the skin. It is better to apply it over a layer of base sunscreen, and if the skin is not prone to sensitivity, it can be used as a finishing powder for the face.

Photo: Lush