Top 5 eyeliners according to makeup artists – VP


In addition to the gel eyeliner, I also use the Smith & Cult felt-tip pen, it is convenient to draw anything with it. I often use a gel eyeliner as a base, and if I need to make, say, a glossy effect for an arrow, then I can draw something on top with a felt-tip pen or take an eyeliner in a bottle, but only with a felt tip, because it is dense and draws a straight line.

I think that it is unlikely that liquid eyeliner will work to prolong the life of a liquid eyeliner, but a gel one is still possible. When you use it, you should tilt the jar upside down so that it is closed and does not dry out again. The principle of operation is as follows: they collected the product, turned the jar over, applied, and if necessary, then collected more funds – then the eyeliner will serve you longer. If the product begins to dry out, then it can be diluted with a sealer, which is now easy to find in many brands, for example, Inglot and Make Up For Ever definitely have it.

The eyeliner is needed not only to draw classic arrows. Instead of an arrow, for example, you can draw only the inner corner of the eye, make a “cat’s look”. You can draw a mucous membrane with a gel liner, and if you shade it, you get smoky eyes. You can also draw any graphic elements with an eyeliner, for example, instead of the classic arrow, try to make a triangle at the outer corner of the eye or draw dots, and you can just make two dots on the lower eyelid or come up with intricate patterns of different sizes. You can even draw moles! You can also experiment with arrows, for example, instead of the classic ones, try double ones or with interesting kinks.