TEXT: Moore Soboleva, author of the telegram channel Fierce & Cute

In the world of modern technology good sunscreens should not only fulfill their direct function, but also have some others – for example, protect from the unfavorable urban environment, reduce wrinkles and pigmentation, and moisturize the skin. Some Sanskrins also have a toning effect – they differ from, in fact, foundation with SPF in that they have a slightly different initial task. Such a sunscreen can give a dense or very light tonal coverage, the main thing is to remember that it must be applied generously, like a regular sanskrin (another option is to use a cream with pigments on top of a colorless thin layer for maximum protection). We have collected eight variants of Sunscreens with tone and other interesting special effects.

Payot Pâte Grise Nude SPF 30

RUB 1512 (with discount)

An interesting product from the beautiful and largely underrated Payot brand belongs to the Pâte Grise line, named after the brand’s flagship product, which includes products for acne-prone skin. Nude works as a blended filter sunscreen, a mattifying CC cream and an acne treatment. The coating is translucent and loose, so you can apply the cream generously enough and not overdo it. You should not count on a dense color, but on the effect of “bare”, but very well-groomed skin – yes.

Bioderma Photoderm Nude Touch SPF 50+

1447 RUB

Bioderma was one of the first to release sunscreens that not only prevent pigmentation, but also fight against existing ones. This year in the Photoderm lineup there were two toning fluids – in a light (but not too much) and a very light shade. The products are waterproof (will appeal to those who feel uncomfortable without minimal make-up, for example, on the beach), are equipped with mineral filters and turn into an invisible powder on the skin. However, it should be borne in mind that fluids are intended for combination and oily skin – dry skin may not be very comfortable, especially if you skip the moisturizing step of care.

UltraCeuticals Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser Sheer Tint SPF 30

RUB 5300

One of the best sunscreens on the market, which we have already praised many times, is also available in a tinted version – it’s a pity that there is only one shade, as is often the case in such cases. On the hand, the color seems very dark, but on the face it adjusts well to the skin color – if you are not extremely pale, most likely the shade will do. The product can easily replace a moisturizer, lays down neatly and looks very beautiful on the skin – like a translucent foundation with a lively but not excessive radiance.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Anti-Aging CC Cream SPF 50

RUB 2088

La Roche-Posay adds new items to its hit Anthelios line every summer. This year the series has been replenished with Sanskrins with additional functions: the fight against pigmentation and wrinkles is promised. The product is available in colorless and tinting versions with mineral pigments. The CC-cream turned out to be dense, which is justified – it simply cannot be applied in a thin layer, so that the sun-protection properties will be provided in full. It hides everything that can be hidden, moisturizes and does not shine, try the shade before buying so as not to miss.

Lancaster Sun Perfect Infinite Glow SPF 50

RUB 3140

Another tool with advanced functionality – this time by the luxurious Monaco brand Lancaster, which focuses specifically on sun protection. Sun Perfect Infinite Glow is a very liquid toning fluid with chemical filters and vitamin C. It is designed to fight not only solar, but also urban hazards, as well as reduce wrinkles and pigmentation. The great advantages of the product are for once a fairly light shade, which will suit even white-skinned people, and a beautiful semi-matte finish that “glistens” the skin.

Coola Mineral Face Sunscreen Matte Tint SPF 30

3950 RUB

The Coola brand initially specialized exclusively in Sanskrins, so its assortment is as diverse as possible – you can protect literally every part of your body from the sun, from the scalp to the big toes, and in some special way. Coola tonal sunscreens were among the first to be made; one of the options is this mineral matting cream. In texture, it looks more like a silicone primer – it is a gel that glides over the skin and makes it smooth and matte. The color is translucent, light and will make friends with any skin tone – it is unlikely that it will block severe redness, but it will improve the overall tone.

My Blend City Veil SPF 50

4207 RUB (with a discount, in offline stores)

My Blend is the favorite brainchild of Dr. Olivier Courten-Clarence, heir to the Clarins empire created by his father Jacques. Focus My Blend – individually selected compositions of formulas, but the brand also has universal products. The latter include City Veil, a cushion-format urban mineral sanskrin produced in a single (and quite universal) shade. The main complaint about the product is a stupid silicone sponge, which is frankly inconvenient to use, but if you replace it with a classic cushion applicator, the product will sparkle with new colors: it is easy to renew, it fits perfectly, it has a beautiful shining coating and excellent protective qualities.

TIZO Primer / Sunscreen Tinted SPF 40

RUB 4590

Niche cosmeceutical brand TIZO specializes in sunscreens with physical filters, as its name suggests: Ti is titanium dioxide and ZO is zinc oxide. Sales of this product soared up after Kylie Jenner wrote about her love for him in her column in The New York Times, but it can be recommended without looking at the most popular girl on the planet. The cream has a rather dense texture, but the tone itself is not too noticeable – it rather makes the face smoother and more matte than gives a serious coverage. If that’s not enough, a classic foundation can be applied on top – as promised, this sunscreen works great as a primer.

PHOTO: Сosmotheca