Estée Lauder Launches Hispanic Heritage Month Cosmetics Kit


Estée Lauder Corporation has announced the launch of the “Loved by Latinas Beauty Essentials” cosmetic set, dedicated to Latin American Heritage Month. Writes about this Hypebae. The set includes care products and decorative cosmetics – for example, a mask for cleansing the skin, primer, cream eyeshadow and much more. In addition, the selection includes the famous products of Clinique, Aveda and other brands of the corporation that are popular in Latin America. The set was designed by the Afro-Latin artist Reine Noriege, who prepared the illustration “Favorite Latin Americans”.

National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated annually in the United States in the fall. Thus, the initiators of the holiday strive to celebrate the historical contribution of Latin Americans to the development of the region.

Photo: Estée Lauder