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Arguments in its favor are different: from the special ability of mineral water to “oxygenate the skin” to a more suitable pH of bottled drinking water.

Sparkling water contains carbon dioxide, not oxygen – so such claims are initially incorrect. In addition, even if it were physically possible to oxygenate the skin, there is absolutely no reason to do so. Oxygen enters the skin in the same way as in all other organs – through the process of breathing and transporting oxygen by blood. Unless you have severe breathing problems, there is enough oxygen in your skin.

Some articles claim that soda water bubbles unclog pores and remove blackheads. Alas, there is no scientific evidence for this. “Here, rather, the point is this: tap water contains many chemicals, metal salts. In general, the water in Moscow is heavy. Therefore, the idea of ​​using non-tap water for washing has a certain sense, – says Elmira Gesheva, dermatologist, surgeon-oncologist at the Institute of Oncology of the European Medical Center. – For patients with atopic or seborrheic dermatitis, I recommend installing a good water filter on the faucet or using mineral or drinking water for washing. But I do not recommend using mineral water for washing as an independent means for cleansing the skin. “

Let’s talk about pH. Indeed, tap water can have a high pH (above 7.5), which can impair the skin’s protective barrier, dryness and irritation. But is this a reason to buy mineral water for washing with boxes? More likely no than yes. First, not every carbonated water has a low pH (for example, Arkhyz is quite alkaline). Secondly, when washing in the shower, tap water inevitably gets on your face – you can hardly switch to washing exclusively from bottles.