In Podolsk, the girl was denied surgery due to obesity – VP


In Podolsk, Natalya Kireeva refused to have the operation due to its completeness. The girl received a referral for an operation to remove the cyst of the right ovary, which was rapidly increasing and threatened her life. However, the doctor at the local maternity hospital did not agree to perform the operation. She argued her position by the fact that a girl weighing 167 kilograms could not stand a gynecological chair.

“You need to lose 20 kilograms. Sit on the water, ”Kireeva quotes her as saying. “Then I asked:“ And if she [киста] burst? “She answered me:” Then there will be another conversation. ”

After the scandal that erupted in social networks, the medical institution agreed to transfer Kireeva to a Moscow hospital. “Currently the situation has been successfully resolved. In the near future, this patient will be transferred to a hospital in Moscow, where the operation will be performed, ”the hospital said.

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