Liquid dry shampoo (yes!) R + Co – VP


The California styling brand R + Co has reinvented dry shampoo, paradoxically making it liquid. The idea may seem dubious, but give it a chance: the product with the memorable name “Exorcist” still does not require soaping and rinsing (which is especially important during the period when hot water is turned off), but unlike the usual dry shampoos, it does not leave a residue on the hair and is suitable sensitive skin. Using liquid dry shampoo is simple: you just need to apply the product to your hair and dry it with a hairdryer – the micellar formula will help get rid of styling residues and give your hair a fresh look. And also “Exorcist” Smells delicious – the composition of the shampoo contains notes of bergamot, wild fig, cedar and lotus flower.

Photo: Golden Apple