Makeup artists, beauty bloggers and editors – about storing and minimizing cosmetics


I have been doing beauty review for over ten years, wrote for VP, graduated from the school of make-up artists and made my own beauty box with Russian cosmetics. At the same time, in the last two years, I can call myself a beauty dissident. I haven’t bought any cosmetics in years.

Now all my stocks are occupied by one Ikeevsky rack called “Callax” for eight sections – for sure, many have understood what I mean. It contains boxes of care and boxes of makeup. I tried to pack additionally into small boxes: cleansing, tonics, masks. But in the end, she dumped everything in a mass grave. Plus about 200 bottles of fragrances. I arrange the fragrances beautifully in the second rack of the same kind along with the books.

To use even less of these funds, I will need to acquire a couple more faces and bodies. There are only three products in constant rotation: cleansing, washing and acids. I often forget about tonic and eye cream, so one bottle costs six months. I do masks often, but I just love it. Rather such an emotional experience than a desire to remove something from the face. I keep the care in the most unsuitable place for cosmetics, but convenient for me – on the windowsill. For the body, there are more cans: gel, scrub, bath foam, lotion and hand cream. My hair with any shampoo. On trips and flights I take with me the samples and travel versions that are available at the moment.

In my case, there is a tendency to reduce cans. Before I started doing charity beauty sales two years ago, there were 1.5 times more cosmetics. I periodically make an inventory, putting aside something for a future sale, something for gifts to friends.

When everything becomes so much that “he can’t eat anymore,” I arrange beauty sales. Only unopened funds or those that have not been touched by my fingers are sent to them. The first sale took place at the end of 2017. I made an announcement on social networks, a discount on everything from 70% and brought twelve kilograms of cosmetics to New Holland. With the collected 67,450 rubles, I bought medicines for children from the neuropsychiatric orphanage No. 3 in St. Petersburg. Everyone liked the idea, and I decided to continue. It is especially pleasant that my decision was supported by the Cosmotheca store, flute player and blogger Ksenia Molotkova and many bloggers, editors, brands. In August 2019, we raised 110 thousand for Savva Safonov and his grandparents. I wrote about them for Takie Dela and saw how physically difficult it is for them with their grandson. Now it is a little easier, because with this money they bought an electric lift to transfer Savva from bed to wheelchair and back. In November, the editor-in-chief of Flacon magazine, Tonya Golubeva, offered to arrange a sale in Moscow. Total – 213 thousand for antibiotics for the ward fund “In the name of life” Varya Barinova with cystic fibrosis. Before the New Year in St. Petersburg, they collected a box of cosmetics for Hospice No. 4 and the Vera Foundation, a bag of useful things for various other charitable foundations that New Holland supports annually, and 170 thousand rubles for Takih Dela (since the publication is funded by donations) … I have all the information about sales on my instagram.

I am not minimizing anything on purpose. Unless I apply face creams with an expiration date at the risk stage to my body. Perhaps the sharpest and most unexpected, first of all for me, metamorphosis occurred in relation to makeup. I never did contouring or stencil eyebrows, and almost never dyed my eyelashes, but I loved bright lipsticks, highlighter and colored shadows. Now I even apply the tone for some super-holidays, such as a friend’s wedding, that is, a couple of times a year. I no longer need to express myself with the help of makeup, complexes about the face too, I even like slight bruises under my eyes. Therefore, only lip balm and a concealer are used to cover rare small pimples. Everything that I do not need myself, I give to those who need it. Perhaps this is my contribution.