Nail art from flowers on Katya Pravda’s Instagram – VP


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We often pay attention to Russian artists who do very bright and unusual manicure, work with unusual materials, sketches, or simply refuse to follow trends. So, the artist Katya Pravda maintains an instagram in which she is engaged in nail art, inspired by nature – for manicure she uses flower petals, leaves, fruits, tree earrings and much more.

“I am an artist and I work with different materials, including natural ones. Most of my work refers to childhood experiences, to beauty rituals and artificial changes in appearance. Because of this, the opening of such a surreal beauty salon, where instead of varnish, petals of fresh flowers are used, but at the same time all the rules of the service are observed, it turned out to be a logical continuation of my activity, – said the girl. – The nails are transformed, acquire a bright color, become ideal in size and shape, all that remains is to photograph them and post them to the Instagram feed. True, such a manicure is short-lived, but it is completely safe – of course, if there is no allergy to flowers. Now I am doing nail art for free as part of my exhibition at Hse Art Gallery. “