Azerbaijani femactivist Sanay Yagmur spoke about experienced sexualized violence


Sanay Yagmur, an Azerbaijani femactivist and administrator of the feminist platform Femkulis, spoke on her Facebook about the sexualized violence she experienced at the hands of Asker Agayev’s cousin. According to the girl, who is the daughter of the politician Fuad Gahramanli, she was subjected to violence in August 2020 when Agayev added a drug to her drink. “I took a few sips, after which I don’t remember anything. Only some episodes and excerpts. When I woke up in the morning, I saw Asker Agayev next to me. What I remember about that day is blood and pain, ”she wrote.

With her story, Yagmur intends to draw attention to the inaction of law enforcement agencies. She stated that the regional prosecutor’s office had twice dropped the criminal case due to lack of evidence – despite the medical examinations provided confirming the rape. Also, the Agayev family blackmailed the victim and offered her to marry him.

In addition, the activist’s mother noted that Sanay faced victim-blaming and stigmatization. “Investigators argued that her lifestyle was inappropriate. To do this, they used photos of my daughter from the protests organized in recent years in support of gender equality and women’s rights, ”explained Zumrud Yagmur.

Now Sanay Yagmur left Azerbaijan and is studying at the Riga Graduate School of Law. She hopes to achieve a fair investigation of the crime.

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