IKEA has announced a new collaboration with designer Sabine Marcellis – VP


IKEA together with the Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis announced the release of a new collection dedicated to the light in the house. The line explores the characteristics and varied effects of home lighting, both directional and diffuse. In addition to lamps, the collection will also include glasses, bowls, mirrors and many other items.

“Lighting fixtures and design objects are more than just functional furnishings. Light affects how we feel, it creates the atmosphere, determines the mood. Sources of directional and diffused light can create unexpected effects, bringing the interior to harmony or emphasizing its features, – comments on the Marcellis collaboration. “I wanted to know how you can turn light into something beyond functionality. Light can enhance the look and feel of your home. ”

“Home is not just a place where people eat and sleep. Home is a special space that reflects our individuality. This is the place where we freely express our feelings, – the representatives of the brand say. “After all, lighting in the house, as well as interior solutions that interact with light, have not only functional, but also emotional significance.”

The collection will appear in IKEA stores in October 2022. Most of the line will be released in limited quantities, but some items will be part of the brand’s permanent assortment.

COVER: Press Service