Chloé is the first fashion house in Europe to be awarded B Corp – VP


According to WWD, Chloé is the first fashion house in Europe to be awarded the Benefit Corporation (B Corp) environmental status. The certificate is issued based on the analysis and verification of the company’s social and environmental performance. The fashion house intends to adhere to the chosen strategy, and its leadership has called on other brands to contribute to the preservation of the world around.

“In addition to the fact that we are proud of our company, we also strive to inspire others to share our views and follow our policies,” said Chloé CEO Ricardo Bellini. “We have modernized our manufacturing, management and leadership strategy so that we can act in a more environmentally and socially responsible manner.”

Recall that in order to obtain B Corp status, companies need to fill out a special questionnaire covering the issues of working conditions and the carbon footprint left by the company. Then B-Corp employees check the data on the basis of the provided documents, on the basis of which they assign the brand an ecological status. The certificate is valid for three years, after which it is necessary to re-check.

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