“School of literary practices” will launch an eco-writing course – VP


The School of Literary Practices announced the launch of an online course on eco-writing, which will run from November 1 to December 26. The teachers will be writers Oksana Vasyakina and Evgenia Nekrasova, poet Galina Rymbu, journalist Anastasia Laukkanen, artist Ilmira Bolotyan and others.

The program will include 22 classes, within which the project participants will study the relationship between auto-fixation and ecology, consider examples of Russian and foreign eco-research, and also learn how cinema and contemporary art work with nature. In addition, students will visit the closed waste dump “Kuchino” and a waste processing plant. According to the results of the course “School of Literary Practices” will publish a collection of eco-texts, which will be published by the publishing house “There is a sense” of the fund “Need Help”.

You can apply for participation by following the link.