Spanish Prime Minister pledges to ban sex work in the country – VP


Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced his intention to criminalize and criminalize sex work. It is reported by the BBC. During his speech at the Congress of the Socialist Party in Valencia, he stated that this practice “enslaves women.”

Thus, Sanchez seeks to fulfill one of the pre-election promises of the socialists, made back in 2019. Sex work was decriminalized in Spain in 1995 to ensure the safety and protection of prostituted women. However, the initiative led to a surge in the popularity of the sex market and to an increase in cases of sexualized slavery. According to a 2009 survey, one in three Spaniards paid for sex at least once in their life.

“Sex work is not an expression of women’s sexual freedom,” said the APRAMP association, which aims to support people affected by sexualized exploitation. “This kind of work is almost always associated with violence, marginalization, economic hardship and a sexist patriarchal culture.”

Nevertheless, Sanchez’s initiative also has opponents. According to the charity organization CATS, the ban will worsen the situation of sex workers. “If you expel people who provide sex services from the establishments and apartments where they work, they will end up on the street,” the center said. “This is dangerous because they will become vulnerable to the mafia.”

COVER: Pedro Sanchez / Instagram