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The first work of the London model Gigi Hari was the shooting in the mini-film “Girlhood” by designer Matty Bovan, a St. Martin’s, which won the LVMH Graduate Prize and is now renowned for its eclectic agender collections. Gigi began her modeling career with a transgender transition – and now, when she is called to fashion shows and filming, she shares with her subscribers not only spectacular outfits and makeup, but also photos from the hospital.

“I literally wear my feelings on my hair and face. The simplest, most relaxed images are usually the most thoughtful, ”says Gigi in an interview with Dazed. She is inspired not only by her own experiences, but also by fantastic animals – for example, dragons, with which Hari associated herself as a child, and interesting characters – Hari considers South Korean singer G-Dragon to be her main beauty icon. Subscribe to be
in 3020 and get a couple of ideas for your own spectacular makeup (for example, golden ears).