What you need to know about artificial nails – VP


Perhaps the longest way is to grow to natural length. But, unfortunately, due to the peculiarities of the nail plate, this may not work for everyone. And if you can’t stand time, you can make artificial nails literally in one day or a few minutes in the salon or at home. For example, using self-adhesive options that do not require additional tools. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, from classic French manicure to incredible holographic designs. And besides, they are easy to take with you and change whenever you want. In stores and cosmetics departments (for example, at ASOS, Amazon and H&M), you can find options for less than a thousand and often even five hundred rubles for ten, twenty or more plates.

“False nails are great for filming: they stick to natural or gel polished nails for a few hours, and then they can be removed just as easily. This is also convenient for going to an event when you want to complement the image with a bright manicure. True, false nails are not suitable for permanent wear – they will come off in the shower or when you bump them, ”says the true.mel team.

A more difficult option is nails extended with acrylic, gel, polygel or tips. “Usually the master himself chooses a way of building up convenient for him or on the basis of the chosen design. In our salon, the client decides how he wants to see his nails, and the master already selects the material and technique, ”they add to true.mel.

According to nail master Evgenia Golubeva, building on tips – that is, thin plates – makes the task easier: in this case, the long plate is simply glued to the nail, corrected and one of the materials like gel and acrylic is applied to it. There is also modeling, when a paper material is inserted under the tip of the nail, on which the master creates any desired shape and length with one of the compounds (gel, acrylic or their mixture called polygel). And at home or in the salon, you can make extensions using the so-called upper forms, when a soft plate filled with a polygel is attached over the nail. Their difference is that they are reusable: after hardening, the forms are easily removed without leaving traces and without losing their properties.