What’s inside the AliExpress beauty box – VP


Happened: Russian AliExpress has released its own beauty box. It contains unusual products from Asian and Russian marketplace brands, united by one idea: the importance of taking care of yourself. If, after two months in four walls, your bruises under the eyes compete in saturation with the water of the Black Sea in a storm, and you dream of vacation at night, these remedies will help return the blush to your cheeks and a smile to your face. The entire box costs 4999, and you can buy it here. Here’s what you get in it.

Flower water “Cornflower”

Hydrolat (or flower water) is a product formed during the production of essential oils. It contains the same components, but in a lower concentration, so that such water can be safely applied to the skin as a tonic or mist, cosmetic ice or as part of a clay mask.

Body scrub “Strawberry”

The strawberry season from Sochi has been officially extended. This natural body scrub will briefly immerse you in hot June and help prepare your skin for self-tanning or waxing. It delicately exfoliates keratinized particles, while coconut and avocado oils nourish and protect the skin from external factors.

Rollerball in rose quartz

An Instagram star, this quartz roller wipes work emails off your face and stimulates circulation. In the morning, he is a thunderstorm of edema (especially if you store it in the refrigerator). It is worth driving the roller along the massage lines, having previously applied oil or a slowly absorbing cream to the skin.

Microneedle Caffeinated Eye Patch

BLOM patches work using a new and very interesting technology – microneedles – and were created in Skolkovo laboratories. They deliver hyaluronic acid and caffeine to deeper layers of the skin than just a mask or cream, thereby reducing puffiness and pigmentation in the skin around the eyes.

Enzymatic hibiscus face mask

The protease enzyme at the heart of the Russian brand Pure Love mask is a mild alternative to scrubs. Together with lactic acid, they weaken the connection of dead cells with living cells and thus even out the tone and texture of the skin. Due to the delicate composition of the mask, it can be used in summer – but better with sunscreen.

Makeup Brush Cat Feet Brush

The cutest brush in your makeup bag. Soft as a kitten’s foot, artificial pile is easy to wash, and over time it will not become tough, as is sometimes the case with natural. This brush works best with dry products such as powder, highlighter, bronzer and blush.

Night face mask

Dedicated to fans of red wine. It turns out that this wonderful drink is a source of polyphenol antioxidants. In cosmetology, it is used to combat signs of age-related changes and skin renewal. Fruit acids in grapes exfoliate and fructose moisturizes the skin.

Ubtan for washing

Ubtan is an Ayurvedic alternative to scrubs. Traditionally, ubtan is made from ground natural ingredients: herbs, nuts, clay, salt, and sometimes coal. This mixture can be used to wash or scrub the body: the skin will become clean and soft, and massage will cause blood flow to its surface and stimulate renewal.