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What to do if legs rub against each other in a skirt? Where can I get the largest gaskets? How to respond to the advice of others to “think about your health”? Women whose size does not fit into the “standard” size line are often asked similar questions. Journalist Ksenia Leonova and PR specialist Zlata Nikolaeva created the Tynevleze telegram channel. In it, they tell you how to love your body, share photos of models with different types of figures and discuss life hacks: for example, where to find beautiful underwear of a rare size and how to choose a deodorant if you sweat a lot.

“Six years ago I got very sick and recovered almost twice – by fifty kilograms. It was very difficult for me to accept my new body. I could no longer look at myself in the mirror, removed tags from photos, bought huge black robes, I was embarrassed to meet old acquaintances, ”writes Ksenia Leonova. She recalls: during this period, people vied with each other began to discuss with her diets, “healthy” nutrition and sports training – this made it even worse. According to Leonova, she had never faced “so much shaming” before. This is how Tõnevleze was born – a safe space where body-positive ideas are adhered to and mutual support.