Women about their favorite red lipstick – VP


Red lipstick for me is a thing that seemed forbidden for a long time. And then it became something I can’t do without.

I was sixteen when I put it on for the first time – it seems, on the last call. In my family, beautiful makeup in the 2000s and 2010s was considered completely different: light smokey eyes, translucent lip gloss, that’s all. At sixteen it seemed obvious that red lipstick was “not allowed” to me, because I have a large mouth and full lips – this is “vulgar”, this is “overkill”. But I put on my makeup anyway. I remember that then I walked down the street to school and covered my mouth with my hand: it was awkward, everyone seemed to be looking at me. Then, at the university, I began to paint more often. I then began to understand that I really like my face and lips in particular, and wanted to emphasize them.

There were cherry and wine, and even green lipstick; After getting my first job, I made silver lips for the New Year’s corporate party. But it was the red one that took root: it suits me the most. This is – by default – my holiday make-up. And a worker. And just makeup for a good mood. Very often, this is the only makeup product I use. When I am going somewhere, I take lipstick with me and forget about it, and then I find three or four tubes in my coat pocket and the same in my bag. I read that red lipstick is a statement, often a feminist one. I think it was a few years ago, but now I don’t take it as a statement: for me it’s the most familiar and dear thing in a cosmetic bag.

I don’t have one favorite shade. I can say for sure: I do not like liquid matte textures, neither in feel nor in appearance. For the last half a year I really like Estée Lauder Pure Color desire rouge Excess lipstick in the shade Shoutout it is thermonuclear red, it keeps well, almost does not wear off and looks very old-fashioned smart. It was a very lucky birthday present. I also love matte Le Rouge Parfum by Kilian – but in my memory no one liked it anymore: they say it smells too strong and does not last long. I tried a lot of different things – both Soda (I do not recommend lipsticks), and NYX (excellent). There were even experiments with some super-strange Karl Lagerfeld lipsticks with a light bulb inserted – but then I worked in a beauty magazine and I don’t recommend spending my money on that.

In general, you can say that here I am non-partisan: I don’t have one favorite lipstick, without which the world is not nice, I’m interested in trying new things, and I’m unlikely to die if something that I like is suddenly removed from production. I guess I’ll just find a similar shade of red. Or a little different – and I will rejoice in him too.