Moscow clinic director convicted for employing LGBT staff


Pavel Brand, director of the Semeynaya medical center in Moscow, posted on his Facebook a screenshot of his correspondence with a client, in which a visitor to the clinic criticized Brand for the fact that homosexuals work for his company. The user also threatened that the presence of LGBT employees could damage the company’s reputation.

“Do you know that there are gay doctors working in your clinic? Do you think this is normal? Do you understand the stress a patient experiences when he realizes that a gay is asking him to undress? Or do you give a damn about your reputation? ” – he wrote.

In turn, Brand defended his team, saying that people of different nationalities, religions and sexual orientations work in the medical facility. “We are confident that the professional qualities of a doctor are much more important than his religion, nationality, sexual orientation or food preferences,” concluded Brand.

COVER: Unsplash