ocean plastic will triple by 2040 – VP


By 2040, the volume of ocean debris will triple – annually, 23 to 37 million tons of waste will enter the seas and oceans of the planet. These are the conclusions reached by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in its report. The authors of the study urged countries to reduce the use of plastic and pay special attention to how it is recycled – otherwise “there will be almost 50 kg of plastic for every meter of coastline.”

“As a result, all marine life – from plankton and shellfish to birds, turtles and mammals – is at risk of poisoning, behavioral disturbances, hunger and suffocation,” the experts warned. “The fate of degradation products such as microplastics and chemical additives, many of which are known to be toxic and hazardous to both human and wildlife health and ecosystems, is of serious concern,” said Inger Andersen, executive director of the organization.

According to UNEP, 85% of marine litter is plastic waste. You can read more about the environmental crisis and the dangers of microplastics here and here.

COVER: Unsplash