TEXT: Moore Soboleva, author of the telegram channel Fierce & Cute

In the spring everybody issues instructions how to make a bright and colorful make-up: foliage breaks through, flowers bloom, we get lavender shadows and pink lipsticks from cosmetic cases. But what if you want, on the contrary, to look like a gothic princess or a snow queen in spite of the sun? In this case, we have selected twelve products released in recent months that will allow you to make the darkest makeup. By the way, you can try it on in voluntary self-isolation – to your own delight.

Foundation KVD Vegan Beauty
True Portrait

RUB 3090

The queen of dense, long-lasting textures, Kat Von Dee, changed herself a little last fall and released a foundation with a medium coverage. Housed in a fantastically beautiful bottle, True Portrait is a liquid, like water, and is best applied with your fingers or a brush. Due to the texture, True Portrait can be applied in a micron layer, but it can also be layered. The main thing is to do this when the skin is well hydrated, otherwise the cream can accentuate the flaking. The lightest shade is almost white: you can do gothic art make-up or use it as an adjuster to dilute dark tones.

MAC Patent Paint Lip Lacquer Lip lacquer

shade Polished Prize

1850 RUB

A very long-lasting, very dense and very glossy lip varnish came out in fifteen shades, among which you can find beige-pink, and interesting non-trivial colors (we chose the darkest wine). For the sake of beauty and mirror-like smoothness, you will have to try: this is definitely not the remedy that can be applied on the run, otherwise you will look like the Joker, and your hands will be streaked and artistic. Apply the product gently using a pencil and / or brush – this is how it looks extremely effective. The undoubted plus is that the color disappears gradually, leaving a tint and not smearing.

Givenchy Le Rouge Night Noir lipsticks

1399 RUB (with discount)

Givenchy make-up art director Nicolas Degenne seems to be the main goth among the world’s make-up artists, managing the launches of major brands: no one loves dark matter as much as he does. In the fall, the brand launched a collection of six shiny Night Noir lipsticks – they have shiny black cases and dark shades, from gray to old copper. In fact, however, everything is not so dark and scary: the lipsticks came out translucent (Degenne had done this at least twice when he released the “black” lipsticks Liv’s Lips and Le Rouge Perfecto, which in fact turned out to be blueberry), even if they were layered. If the soul requires darkness, and the dress code does not allow you to appear in black lipstick – a great option.

Highlighter Essence Crystal Dreams

shade Love at First Light

395 RUB

In winter, our favorite supplier of budget novelties, the German brand Essence, has released a “crystal” collection – not without looking back at the general mystical trend and fashion for minerals. The most noteworthy figure in the collection is a powdery highlighter with a beautiful relief and an otherworldly pearl pink glow: it is delicate enough to fit into any makeup, but at the same time moderately unusual. Easily replace blush when applied generously – its icy pink sheen is enough to highlight cheekbones.

Sisley Phyto-Ombre Shadow

shade Sparkling Purple

3255 RUB

The French brand has updated its line of powdery eyeshadows – now they are made in prism technology, with a relief surface and a soft, as if creamy texture (it contains oils). The assortment includes clear, beautiful classic colors: especially good brown Mat Cocoa, which is perfectly shaded without dirt, and cool lilac Sparkling Purple. Expensive, but you can do a whole makeup with one shade, and 1.5 grams of eyeshadow is enough for half your life.

Lipstick Kiko Milano Magnetic Attraction Ready To Kiss Lipstick

shade 02 Red Dress

850 RUB

Without red lipstick, a selection of gothic makeup simply cannot be. The Italian brand is good at dense, vibrant lip products, and from the Valentine’s Day collection, this lipstick is good for everyone – from the tone to the heart-strewn stick. Red Dress is a classic neutral red, but if you prefer a darker shade, there is a wine-brown with the self-explanatory name Guilty Scarlet Lips.

Foundation & Concealer Urban Decay Stay Naked

2243 RUB (with discount)

UD recently updated their Naked range of foundations, both creams and concealers. Very light and very dark shades have appeared, and textures have become more matte and at the same time thin and airy – nevertheless, the coating is dense enough to correct the relief and skin tone. On dry skin, the cream can sit down for a while, remaining noticeable (to avoid this, it can be applied with a damp sponge), and on oily skin it looks great. Concealers in the line are generally unconditionally successful – invisible, but dense and cover well, if desired, even acne, even circles under the eyes.

Lime Crime Venus Immortalis Eyeshadow Palette

3890 RUB

Lime Crime closed their excellent Venus line late last year. Some experts believe that Venus Immortalis will become the same style-forming palette as the first Venus palette, which gave birth to the fashion for red shades of shadows, which has not left us to this day. Immortalis is notable for the fact that it has only cold shades without half measures: marble-white, deep red-purple, suede gray. It is called not very universal, but if you like cold shades, then you can use it even every day – to make luxurious smoky, alien-ephemeral make-up or calm daytime.

NARS Radiance Booster
Tinted glow booster

3200 rubles, soon on sale

The brand’s freshest novelty is a multifunctional toning fluid that can be used alone, as a primer or as a highlighter. By itself, it slightly tones and gives a soft, moist glow without glitter – the same “healthy glow” that beauty publications have eaten all our eyes with in recent years. Most American users mix Tinted Glow Booster with foundation or apply it to raised areas of the skin, but if it is good, the product will do just fine on its own with the overall liveliness and radiance.

Tom Ford Lid Lacquer Extrême

RUB 2700

So far, the eye varnish has come out in one shade – ultra black. Aigloss, due to its texture, is a complex story: the glitter on the eyes cannot but roll down, so it is suitable exclusively for makeup, which is usually called punk. This particular gloss is perfectly shaded, so you can combine it with black eyeshadows for a cool smokey, apply a thin layer all over the eyelid, or put sweeping dots along the edge of the eyelid, as in the last Max Mara show.

Make Up Factory Eyeliner
Full Precision Liquid Liner

1111 RUB

A good German middle market, the Make Up Factory brand, gets into reviews less often than it should: the brand makes a lot of interesting and high-quality products. Among the recent launches is the line of felt-tip eyeliners: they are durable, comfortable due to the long tapered applicator, and the range of colors is good – for our purposes, both soft gray and dark green are suitable. Along with the eyeliners, Even More Volume mascara came out in the same five shades – you can make the most fashionable monomek without worrying about color matching.

Bobbi Brown Luxe Shine Intense Lipstick

Night Spell shade

2990 RUB

Bobbi Brown is not the first brand that comes to mind when you use the phrase …