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Text: Moore Soboleva, author of the telegram channel Fierce & Cute

Autumn is considered a time of stress: the summer has passed, nothing has been done, there is not enough vitamin D, and soon the New Year holidays will also be with the corresponding fuss. In addition to a balanced meal, adequate sleep, and reasonable physical activity, experts recommend a variety of personal care practices. We have collected home and bath products to help you cope with what is happening outside the window.

Candle MOR Caramel and Vanilla Bean

3600 RUB

The hedonist brand makes products that are as far as possible from minimalism: creams, scrubs and candles with rich bright aromas are hidden in intricate packages. The coziest of the options is a candle with the smell of fresh milk toffee: not so sweet as to make you want to go shopping for cookies in the middle of the night, but unobtrusive and very warm.

Relaxing Bath Salt Eco Laboratories

199 RUB

A strong Russian brand uses large pink sea salt as a base – firstly, it is beautiful, and secondly, it is believed that such salt has the best effect most pleasantly (but do not go to the bath if there are wounds or inflammations on the skin – it will pinch) … The aromatic composition here is simple and pretty: earthy patchouli breaks through the powerful lavender.

Broad St. Brand absinthe

2350 RUB

The stylish Broad Street brand has a small but elaborate assortment: the brand loves subtle and at the same time rather unexpected scents as a home olfactory background. “Absinthe”, the smell of the main drink of international bohemia, turned out to be quite authentic: wormwood is muted here with mint, so that it is not excruciatingly bitter.

Bath Oil Santa Maria Novella OIio da Bagno Sandalo

RUB 6960

The oils of the well-deserved Florentine brand are produced in emphatically classic and even vintage bottles; smells match – almost all fragrances in the line are built around one component. The sandalwood here is thick and dense, but unexpectedly European – it resembles a perfume in the bedroom of some Italian aristocrat, not an oriental bazaar. The inhuman price of the bottle is justified by its economy: a whole bath requires just a few drops.

Candle Pañpuri Andaman Sails

3900 RUB

The Thai stamp candle is dedicated to the Andaman Sea and the Indian archipelago of the same name of 572 islands, most of which are uninhabited. The Pañpuri brand, popular with luxury hotels in Southeast Asia and beyond, makes loud, self-contained scents. Andaman Sails is gentle and modest against the background of the main assortment of the brand – it smells of tropical forest, citruses on the beach and the indispensable sandalwood.

Saki salt Botavikos

220 RUB

The Botavikos brand may well claim the title of Russian Aveda: the brand has a similar philosophy, environmental focus, a large assortment and surprisingly complex (especially for an inexpensive brand) fragrances. Salt is extracted from Lake Saki and is traditionally used for baths. Botavikos impregnates it with aromatic essential oils and suggests using it not only as a regular bath salt, but also as a body scrub and wrap.

Candle Kobo Candles Violette Noir

4000 RUB

The American brand Kobo Candles has a huge and varied assortment for a “candle” brand – all the more pleasant because all the fragrances turn out to be verified and successful. The violet here is called black, most likely for the mood: in nature there are such, but as a result of selection and no peculiarities of their smell, experts note. But in this candle, the powdery tenderness characteristic of violets is balanced by dark skin, sad iris and spices – indeed, if the composition were a flower, it would be black.

Bath Foam Lush “Pink Jam”

RUB 490

Everyone or almost everyone loves bath bombs, but the fact that each can only be used once often limits shopping activity. For the thrifty, Lush has bath foams and oils that can be used multiple times, as well as foamoroni – a combination of foam and oil that perfectly cares for the skin. The smell of “Pink Jam” is frivolous and dessert – not everyone can wear it, but just right for a bath.

Candle Paddywax Pumpkin + Spice

RUB 1,700

The main aroma of American October, and along with Halloween, is the smell of spicy tea and sweet pumpkin pie with cinnamon and nutmeg. Due to its compact size, Paddywax recommends taking the candle with you in the bathroom (but be very careful), and after use, use it as a jewelry box.

L’Occitane Rich Foaming Bath

2350 RUB

The shea butter line is constantly updated with new products and for many years has remained one of the main bestsellers of the brand – because it really works wonders for dry skin. In case the body dries up, but you still want to take a bath, the brand has a gentle foam with a slight “smell of cleanliness” characteristic of the entire series – it balances the troubles that hot water can do to sensitive skin.

Candle Jo Malone London Blackberry & Bay

3990 RUB

Jo Malone candles are almost a must on the shelves of relaxed fashion girls from Into the Gloss and Instagram. The brand has individual scents designed specifically for the home, but most candles echo popular scents from the main line. So the green Blackberry & Bay – ripe berries, leaves crushed in the palms – is made based on the perfume bestseller of the same name.

Bath and massage oil Le Labo Ylang 49

in brand stores

In addition to perfumes, Le Labo has a short and smart line of products for the face and body – in particular, bath and massage oils. The bottle is small, but due to its concentration, it is quite economical to use, even if you use oil for both purposes. Ylang 49 perfumery critics call atypical – it is a tough, austere chypre, where benzoin and greenery hide under the main flower.

Candle H&M Misted Patchouli

RUB 799

H&M regularly relaunches its scented candle line and adds new, more interesting and varied scents. Almost the entire series consists of calm background scents – you should not expect complex compositions from them, but they can create the notorious atmosphere at home. Misted Patchouli is one of the successes of the line: patchouli here are quiet and tender.

Dresdner Essenz Active & Vital Effervescent Bath Salt

RUB 125

The old German eco-label Dresdner Essenz started with bath products – and they still remain its strong point. The brand believes in naturopathy: for example, this salt, which smells like pine, fir and eucalyptus, is designed to relax muscles and improve mood with the help of natural oils.

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