A resource for parents “No, it’s okay” launched a special project against physical punishment


The Russian-language resource about parenting “No, it’s okay” (NEN), together with the Chips Journal, launched a special project “Stop Beating Children” against physical punishment. The aim of the initiative is to draw attention to the problem and explain that punitive methods of raising a child can cause irreparable harm to his psyche. Journalists of publications, as well as psychologists and lawyers will take part in the work on the articles of the special project.

“Everything is considered to be physical violence – from ‘harmless’ slaps on the buttocks to cuffs, poking, hair pulling and spanking. All these measures have little to do with discipline and child-rearing, – said the NEN. – We want to explain what physical punishment is actually fraught with and why we consider this problem very urgent. We want to answer the most popular questions about the educational use of child abuse and help parents who would like to break this destructive cycle. ”

“It’s surprising that in 2021 the question of whether it is worth hitting children or not is still considered controversial,” notes Tamara Vysotskaya, senior editor of the publication. “It shouldn’t be this way – there are dozens of studies that prove that physical punishment cannot educate anyone – it is a short-term solution to the problem and only leads to trauma, problems and suffering that are passed down from generation to generation.”

All texts of the special project are collected on a special page, as well as in a separate account on Instagram. In addition, the editors launched the hashtag # EnoughBitChildren, urging users to share their experiences.