Arina Muratova and Zlata Onufrieva about bulbs – VP


Sometimes I thought it would be cool to get a tattoo (after all, everyone says it’s cool), but I didn’t understand if I really wanted it. Besides, I didn’t even know what to put on myself. In January 2019, I had to leave for London from Moscow, and a month before that I had my birthday. My friend Arina, who, unlike me, was aware of the coolness of tattoos and followed several illustrators, then accidentally stumbled upon a sketch with an onion.

Three years ago we met Arina in Valdai, where I came to shoot an inclusive camp of the Life Path Foundation. I was just learning how to shoot, I did everything wrong, and no film came out of those shootings, but great love came out with the guys from the fund and with Arina. So I became a volunteer for Bulbs and Escalators. The onion is our symbol.

We stuffed ourselves with the same onions two days before I had to fly to London, to a completely new life for me, where every Saturday at ten in the morning I no longer cut tomatoes with people whom I love very much. Recently, I finally admitted to myself that I really miss and will never be able to replace this part of my life with something else, for something that is in London. This is not here, “Onion” is the only one on this planet. And although it pains me not to be with her every week, I am glad to know that she is always with me, both in my heart and on my body.