Netflix Employees Protest Comedian Dave Chapelle’s Show – VP


Netflix activists and employees have gone on strike to demand that comedian Dave Chappell be removed from The Closer’s streaming library. The protesters also called on the company’s management to increase the representativeness of the released content. Reported by Reuters.

Amid the protests, Netflix intends to revise its policy towards Chapelle. “We value our employees and their transgender allies, and we understand the intense pain they have been hurt. We respect the decision of any employee to go out and recognize that we have a lot of work to do on both Netflix’s corporate culture and our content, ”said Ted Sarandos, Commercial Director of Streaming.

As a reminder, at the Netflix stand-up show “The Closer”, Chappelle spoke out in support of the views of trans-exclusive radical feminists (TERF) and offensively spoke about transgender people. In response, users urged streaming to boycott the comedian, but Sarandos said the show would remain on the platform. His statement sparked even more outrage – according to CNN, it triggered the biggest crisis in streaming history.

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