The oldest pair of snow leopards in the world found in Altai – VP


In Altai, the oldest pair of snow leopards in the world was found – the wild cats Khorgai and Guta turned 13 years old, 10 of which they spent together. VP announced this to WWF-Russia on the eve of the International Snow Leopard Day. WWF monitors snow leopards with camera traps – the organization notes that a pair of snow leopards live on the Chikhachev Ridge in the Altai Republic, and since 2011 they have had at least two litters of kittens.

“Predators at the age of 13 have been recorded in the wild, for example, in Mongolia, but this is the first time a pair of snow leopards of such an advanced age,” said Alexander Karnaukhov, senior project coordinator of the Foundation in the Altai-Sayan ecoregion. “The age of the snow leopards is an indicator of the well-being of this pair, which underlines how important it is to protect the Chikhachev Ridge, a mountain bridge on the border with Mongolia, along which snow leopards migrate from one country to another.”

“In recent years, every shots of Guta and Khorgai is a real joy, which means the snow leopards are alive and well. WWF-Russia will continue to follow the fate of the legendary couple and wish Khorgai and Guta health, ”the fund summed up.

Recall that snow leopards are listed in the Red Book of Russia – in total, it includes 443 objects of the animal world and 676 species of plants, and the list is updated every year.