Women – why they choose or refuse gel polish – VP


I’ve done gel polish before, but not regularly. Usually I signed up for a coated manicure, then I rented it at home in a couple of weeks and went without everything for several months. As a rule, I did a gel coating for important events – for the first time, for example, at my graduation ceremony. Most often it was just a single-color coating, without a complex design and not a jacket. Over the past ten years, I have done gel polish five times.

I think I am not addicted to this story, because I feel sorry for the time for all these manipulations in the salon – I’m scared by the fact that I would have to go to the studio every two weeks and sit there for a long time until the coating is removed, manicure is done, and reapplied base, varnishes and everything else. For me, this is an extra hassle. Likewise with eyebrows or hair coloring – I have not dyed my hair for a year now, but I do the eyebrow correction myself.

I also do my own manicure – I just use nail scissors and an orange stick. Recently I bought a cuticle remover. I usually don’t wear varnish – but there is some special mood, and I either cover my nails with regular varnish, or make black dots at the base of the nail and cover with a colorless base – nail art on minimal salaries. This is the maximum I can do. Because I don’t like how nails feel in polish and especially in gel polish. Sometimes I see some beautiful designs on Instagram and think how cool it would be to repeat them, but then I realize that this feeling of a dense layer on the nails will really enrage me. It seems to me that even my hands immediately become heavier with the coating!

Another reason is money. I live in Germany, and here a manicure in a salon costs several times more than in Moscow or Kiev, where I come from. The point is also that the high price does not guarantee me the quality of the manicure: most of the salons here look a little strange and definitely not as cool as the places in Moscow that I see on Instagram and where my friends or acquaintances go. Here, manicure studios are a plastic sign at the entrance, no design inside. Mostly women from Asian countries work in them – it also scares me a little. It immediately seems to me that maybe they are not paid very well and their working conditions are not the best. I hardly saw any German masters in the salons.

According to my feelings, in Germany, they mainly deal with nails at home and do not particularly make coatings – a maximum of one-color varnish. On the other hand, I noticed that girls aged 17–20 are now using gel polish or acrylic. As a rule, these are very extravagant shapes with a complex design, long nails in the spirit of Lana Del Rey or rapper musicians.