By the summer, brands are starting to release bold and strange products with might and main, and Urban Decay is also trying to stand out: a mini version of the Naked Heat palette is coming soon, and many can already wait to hold the pink Backtalk palette in their hands. Another novelty of the brand is lip gloss with ideal festival characteristics.

The product is conceived as a summer one, so it is not surprising to find menthol in it – it moderately tingles the lips, and if you don’t like this feeling at all, you are warned. The glitter line comes in four different textures: holographic, glossy, translucent and metallic. Among the twenty shades, there is a completely neutral nude, and the color of cotton candy with sparkles, and a very bright purple. The products behave in about the same way: sticky, but bearable, remain on the lips for a long time and do not lose too much color on the way from the tube to the skin. A great candidate for a makeup bag if you want to master glitter again but are looking for a modern texture.

Photo: Urban decay

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