J. Lo always looks perfect. And it is not surprising: for the sake of a dream figure, a celebrity trains almost every day, and the best Hollywood specialists work on her luxurious hair and impeccable makeup. One of the singer’s favorite makeup artists is Scott Barnes. He often prepares Jennifer for social events or music videos. And in an interview with the American edition of Pop Sugar, Scott shared the main beauty hacks on how to achieve the Lopez effect – long eyelashes and glowing skin. We have translated them, take note!

First tip: use a foundation for your eyeshadow

To keep eye makeup from peeling and looking flawless, Scott Barnes never neglects the foundation under the shadow. With this product, he begins to work on the face of J. Lo and other celebrities.

Second tip: comb your eyelashes before mascara

Lush eyelashes are Jennifer Lopez’s calling card. And in order for you to have the same, it is not necessary to use invoices. Makeup artist’s beauty hack: comb your eyelashes thoroughly before mascara.

Third tip: apply white eyeshadow to the inner corners of the eyes

This technique is especially useful if you are tired, but you need to look fresh and cheerful. It’s amazing how one stroke can change an image.

Fourth tip: choose eye shadow instead of liner

For perfect smoky eyes, it is better to lid the eyelids not with eyeliner, but with shadows. According to Barnes, the shadow arrow is better shaded, making the look softer and more expressive. The main thing is to choose a brush with a sharp tip and first apply the base (see the first tip above).

Fifth tip: apply shadow just above the crease on the eyelid

The darkest shade of eyeshadow we used to apply to the crease of the eyelid. But makeup artist Jay Lo insists that it is better (especially for the owners of the impending century) to do it just above the fold. “If you apply the shadow just above the crease on the eyelid, your eye will instantly open,” notes Scott.

Sixth tip: use creamy textures and small brushes

Barnes prefers creamy textures, which he says makes the skin look more natural. And at the end of the make-up, he applies the powder not with a large brush, but with a small pointed one.

Seventh tip: do not forget about the neck, décolleté and arms

“The shade of the face and body must be the same,” warns Scott. Especially if you are using bronzer.


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